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Serverless Architecture Increases Coople Innovation

Europe's largest digital staffing platform moved to Amazon Web Services cloud hosting, enhancing its market-leading web app development

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Coople is Europe’s largest digital staffing platform with over half a million registered workers in the UK and Switzerland and more than twenty-five thousand company accounts. Since 2009, the company has quickly become a premier solution for sourcing temporary workers that reliably meet the complex and specific needs of its clients to build the future of work. The platform matches workers looking for short- or longer-term jobs with companies that require these workers. Through technological innovation such as an app for registered workers and an intelligent job-matching algorithm, Coople is transforming the way people work and the way businesses manage their staff.

Coople wanted to ensure financial efficiency by switching to cloud hosting
Integrating the relevant expertise enhanced the company’s specialized migration solution
Freeing up staff from server administration led to increased app development and lower costs

Future-Proofing With Serverless

Coople already had the fastest and most scalable staffing platform on the market, with workers and business clients alike benefiting from the company’s experience and knowledge of working with large amounts of data in an agile way.

To ensure the platform was future-proof and maintained cost-effectiveness, Coople wanted to experiment with serverless architecture on a subset of its systems. The company wanted to be satisfied that it was maximizing the benefits of cloud hosting before committing to migrating the whole platform.

Upskilled for a Customized Migration

Coople worked with Xebia to develop a plan to migrate to the Amazon web services platform over eleven months. After an initial review with a senior architect, Xebia brought its serverless experts in to upskill Coople’s in-house dev teams and drive the project.

The migration was more than a simple lift & shift, with customization and efficiency at its heart. Moving to AWS multi-account architecture gave the company flexibility to use it for separate business applications. Amazon Cloudfront made sure content delivery was fast while Amazon Cognito securely managed customer logins.

Once all parties were happy with the initial results, Coople was then ready to deploy serverless company-wide.

“Serverless architecture has hugely increased our deployment speed, meaning our clients get better features, faster. As a user-centric organization, that is everything to us.”
Chris Bradford Chief Technology Officer, Coople

AWS Cloud Gives Time to Innovate

Going serverless has meant that Coople’s teams now have more time to focus on innovation, with the infrastructural responsibilities shifted to AWS’s data experts. The number of deployments per month has gone up tenfold, and code implementation now takes only thirty hours from creation, rather than two hundred and fifty previously.

Cost efficiency has been achieved thanks to the flexible AWS pay-per-use model providing low-cost downtimes, alongside AWS DynamoDB and S3 storage streamlining the expensive event-sourcing process. All this while providing the solid groundwork for future Coople cloud innovations such as machine learning automation.

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