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Nico.lab Brings Life-Saving Tech to Acute Stroke Care

Dutch health tech company uses innovative cloud infrastructure to deliver time-critical AI analyses to hospitals faster

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Nico.lab is a health tech company founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Amsterdam-based AMC hospital. It is best known for its AI-powered clinical decision support system, StrokeViewer, which offers a complete assessment of relevant imaging biomarkers within three minutes. Nico.lab’s groundbreaking technology helps physicians to make well-informed decisions in an environment where every second counts.

Create a high-connectivity solution to the time-critical challenge of stroke care
Build and deploy cloud infrastructure to deliver AI analyses of acute stroke patients to hospitals
Develop a cloud-based solution for CT scans

Saving Time, Saving Lives

In the highly time-critical world of stroke care, certain medical data is required by law. Data transfer between hospitals used to be facilitated offline with taxis and ambulances shuttling DVDs between hospitals. Nico.lab approached Xebia looking for a faster, better solution, built around identity management, security, data safety, reliability and performance.

Partners in Quality

Xebia helped Nico.lab build and deploy the cloud infrastructure required to deliver AI analyses to all hospitals involved in the clinical workflow of acute stroke patients in the Dutch Noord-Holland and Flevoland provinces. Explained Renan Sales Barros, CTO, Nico.lab, "Nico.lab has the highest standards for the application. Xebia’s expert knowledge in Google Cloud Platform and serverless solution development meant a huge leap forward in empowering radiologists to make faster and more accurate treatment decisions in stroke care; a domain where every second counts."

“We have the highest standards for our application. In Xebia, we found a partner that lives by the same level of quality.”
Renan Sales Barros CTO, Nico.lab

Time-Saving Solution

Xebia developed a solution to send CT scans from the scanner to Cloud Storage. The scans pass through a Cloud VPN and a service running on Compute Engine. AI processing happens with GPU enabled Compute Engine VM’s. Where possible, Xebia used serverless solutions: Cloud Run, App Engine and Cloud Functions. Not only has this approach speeded up the delivery of time-sensitive medical data, but instead of wasting time maintaining servers, the Dutch health tech company can now focus on building solutions that improve patient outcomes.

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