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Leading Fintech App Optimizes AWS to Give Premium Service

Bizcuit overcomes cloud overwhelm to better serve  customers while keeping the highest compliance standards.
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Bizcuit is a business app and Fintech company that eases daily financial management for freelance workers, small- and medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs. In one app, users can view all of their accounts across all Dutch banks as well as in financial service software, and create a fully automated payment flow under a single login. 

Bizcuit prides itself on being consumer-focussed, communicating with its users in an informal, non-technical, and practical style. The company also considers itself a rebel within its sector, challenging established methods and wisdom to improve its customers’ experience.

Improve AWS while keeping company focus on app improvements
Respond to changing market dynamics quickly and adequately
Executed action plan in two phases while keeping daily operations uninterrupted

Overcoming  Cloud Overwhelm

Bizcuit offers amazing functionalities in an intuitive and fast way. Utilizing an outstanding Dev team, the company  relies on AWS Cloud to host and deliver its product with the ideal technical conditions, flexibility, and scalability. But the company needed help in determining which services should be used and how they should be combined to avoid common pitfalls. Bizcuit also needed guidance on how to apply the necessary changes, without compromising its users.

Bizcuit decided to keep its focus on the app and leverage Xebia’s expertise on AWS to ease its journey.

“We wanted to know how we could optimize our environment to better serve our customers by meeting and keeping the highest security and compliance standards,” said Hessel Kuik, Bizcuit’s chief executive officer.

Plan for 25 Improvements Approved

Xebia  decided that the best approach to help Bizcuit was to deliver a “Well-Architected Review.” This is a way to benchmark cloud-based application stacks against AWS Best Practices. 

As an accredited AWS Well-Architected Partner, Xebia not only reviews the environment but also recommends and deploys optimizations. After reviewing Bizcuit’s AWS workloads, Xebia discussed the findings in an onsite meeting with the appropriate stakeholders, ensuring they were realistic and customer-focused. 

“Xebia was able to identify twenty-five relevant improvements and address them within an action plan. They then mapped the findings against our company’s business goals and presented a two-phase implementation plan. We approve it almost immediately,” explained Kuik.

“We were delighted with the Well-Architected Review conducted by Xebia, as well as the credits we received from AWS as a result. We needed to keep our business operating as normal during this time and Xebia made sure of that.”
Hessel Kuik Chief executive officer at Bizcuit

Enabling a Deep Understanding

During the first phase, Xebia addressed all security-related and “critical” findings, leaving the second phase for the remainder.

All resources are written as Infra-as-code in AWS CloudFormation Templates to allow for faster RTO. Several AWS resources were used, including Fargate, Key Management Service, Systems Manager, and Secrets Manager to guarantee and enhance security and workloads. Databases and compliance were managed using Amazon RDS and AWS Lambda, while AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline now support the app’s fast pace of change. All updates were made within the production environment with operations uninterrupted. Within three months, Bizcuit was operating in a well-architected AWS environment.

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