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Customer Story

Sustainable Industrial Cleaner Manufacturer Optimizes Technical Maintenance with New Mobile App

Interflon minimizes rework and expedites workflow with creation of a new mobile application, completed in two months’ time

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PGS Software | Part of Xebia

Interflon is a multinational manufacturer of premium industrial cleaners, oils, coatings, lubricants, and hardware made with MicPol® technology, a solution that reduces friction and increases product shelf life. It was started in 1980 and has its headquarters in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. The company currently operates in more than 50 countries serving 135,000 clients in multiple industries. Along with innovative lubrication solutions, Interflon provides ‘Technical Maintenance’ with 400 technical advisors helping customers optimize and reduce energy costs onsite. It operates with a sustainable approach aiming to lower emissions while prolonging service life of equipment.

Respond to the needs of technical advisors for more efficiency
Build an app to handle the workflow of TAs
Design sprints combined with Agile ways of working

Mobile Solutions for a Mobile World

Interflon’s technical advisors (TA) faced a unique challenge to completing projects —a lack of technology to support fieldwork. Advisors had to use Interflon’s existing CRM to plan out days and take notes only to fill in the CRM at the end of the day. They needed a better, lighter, more mobile solution that would take out the unnecessary rework and repetition. The solution would come in the development of an app. The app would provide all the contact and client information necessary for the TAs to efficiently perform the day’s tasks, keeping on top of orders, problems, and updates. Interflon heard about Xebia’s skill in this area and asked Xebia to make the app a tailor-made reality.

Delivering a Working App

Beginning from scratch allowed Xebia a deeper dive into Interflon’s needs. Working with its technical advisors day-to-day gave the Xebia consultants an idea of what features should be included, what should be prioritized, and what the look and overall feel of the app would be. The insight from the technical advisors provided the needed specs to move forward with the project. They were able to create a project roadmap that would see the completion of the app end-to-end with room to grow.

“The main goal of the new solution was to solve these issues and make the everyday work of our technical advisors more convenient, enjoyable and effective. The professionalism of Xebia impressed me immensely and together we created the Interflon landscape of tomorrow.”
Rob Oude Voshaar Technology Manager

Critical Design Thinking

Developing an app from scratch was no easy task. With a two-month deadline, working with an Agile framework combined with firm design principles would prove paramount to the app’s success. The close collaboration between Xebia and Interflon’s technical advisors allowed no stone to go unturned; their perspective provided critical details that helped designers tailor the app to their needs. Design sprints brought together UX and UI teams who, with each iteration, received critical feedback from the TAs. Designing and prototyping in this way afforded a smart solution that took out all the guesswork. The end product made everyday work for the TAs more effective, saving time and money.

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