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Responsive UX Design Allows Webcam Pioneers to Shine

High-end camera manufacturer redesigns web apps; improves user experience and attracts more customers to paid services

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A prime example of Swiss quality, Seitz Switzerland manufactures and sells high-end cameras that are state-of-the-art in reliability and features – each component being carved out of a single aluminum block and the cameras assembled by hand. Their Livecams are available for purchase or rent and each camera comes with a wealth of online services, allowing Seitz’ customers to multiply online visibility and branding.

Apps needed redesign to accommodate growing business and better showcase camera technology
Developed a new, data-driven interface that best suited its technology and users
Roundshot’s new applications allow greater interaction, flexibility and information for all users

High-Quality Design for High-Quality Cameras;

Roundshot is a webcam service provided by Seitz that gives users around the world access to premium webcams at several travel destinations, along with providing paid solutions for B2B clients. With IOS and Android apps as well as a website platform, the service needs to be fully responsive and optimized for all screen sizes.

As Roundshot attracted more customers, it became clear that the apps needed a UX refresh to take full advantage of the high-end cameras, while keeping the service up-to-date with new technical developments. Focusing on its latest Generation 4 video technology, Roundshot needed the interface to reflect the high quality of the product, and so a full redesign was required.

Creating a Seamless User Experience

Roundshot worked closely with Xebia on the redesign, and alongside a specialist creative agency the companies came up with a responsive UX design for the new platform.

Using continuous integration alongside regular unit tests, user research and deep dives into Google Analytics, the development team evolved the applications to create an impressive experience that would delight users and complement B2B clients’ marketing. A 360° navigation and interactive interface would enable Roundshot to maintain its competitive advantage.

“Automatically switching between desktop and mobile views thanks to responsive web design, our new web applications allow users a meaningful experience on all devices. Xebia selected some of its best specialists in every area to deliver an impressive final result.”
Urs Krebs CTO, Seitz Phototechnik

A More Responsive and Interactive Roundshot

The new mobile and web Roundshot apps have been upgraded with a whole host of features:
Greater user control comes from a flexible search function alongside easily-switchable camera angles and the ability to create bespoke content. Interactivity is provided by clickable points of interest, with enhanced weather information on hand via a widget.

Packaged up inside its responsive design, Roundshot’s high-resolution 4k videos have never been better presented. The web apps now smoothly handle billion annual page views, allowing over a thousand cameras worldwide to impress all who visit.

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