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ESG Service Provider Transforms Digitally Choosing Google Workspace

Kyden digitally transformed by choosing Google Workspace, merging multiple organizations into a unified digital working environment

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Kyden aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society by activating the transformative power of individuals, teams, organizations, and ecosystems. Kyden is a merger of Kirkman Company, YSE, Dialogue, SKLLS, and Connectors.

Kyden aimed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society by uniting multiple organizations and ecosystems under one digital working environment
Kyden digitally transformed by transitioning to Google Workspace, merging organizations, and changing the primary domain to, with support from Xebia
Xebia facilitated the transition from Microsoft to Google Workspace and merged environments to create a unified digital working environment

Joining Forces, Also Digitally

In May 2023, Kirkman Company, YSE - including the labels SKLLS and Connectors - and Dialogue announced their collaboration to further assist organizations in their sustainable transformation.

There was an immediate need for a shared digital working environment to facilitate effective collaboration within the organization and streamline the IT architecture. Kirkman Company, YSE, SKLLS, and Connectors were already working satisfactorily in Google Workspace; these four environments needed to be merged. Dialogue was operating in Microsoft and had to be migrated to Google Workspace. The main domain had to be changed from Kirkman Company to Kyden.

Step by Step

To address Kyden's challenge, Xebia - in consultation with the customer - opted for a phased approach:

  1. Dialogue: Transition from Microsoft to Google Workspace
  2. YSE, Connectors, SKLLS: Migration from Google Workspace to Google Workspace
  3. Kirkman Company: Primary domain change to

All employees within the group were provided with a Google account featuring a new naming convention. This implies that all employees now have a new email address linked to their Kyden Google account.

Unified Digital Environment

“Thanks to the comprehensive efforts of Xebia, spanning from A to Z, we were able to create a unified digital environment within a few weeks with minimal impact on our employees.”

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Harry de Haas Managing Director Kyden

Excite, Enable, Expand, Embed

The phased approach provided calm and clarity within the organization. Short communication lines and straightforward support channels ensured that employees could easily navigate the transition.

Step One: Dialogue

The transition from Dialogue to represented the most significant change for the employees involved, as it involved a shift from a Microsoft environment to Google. Xebia Workplace consultants applied their proven adoption and change strategy for this transition. As a result, employees were well-informed about what changes were happening, when they occurred, and how they could seamlessly continue their work in the new environment. In summary, there were no disruptions in operations or uncertainties among employees.

Step Two: YSE, Connectors, and SKLLS

The transition of YSE, Connectors, and SKLLS involved a Google-to-Google migration, where both email, calendar, My Drive, and Shared Drives were migrated to the new Kyden domain. For employees, this mainly meant a change in login credentials. The login for other SAAS applications linked to the old Google account also needed to be switched. Clear communication and support ensured that this did not lead to disruptions.

Step Three: Kirkman Company

The transition from Kirkman to involved a domain renaming. The Google accounts remained the same, but the primary login had to be modified. No physical migration was required since the Kirkman Company domain would be used for the primary domain.

Temporary email signatures were added for each organizational unit using the Google Workspace Admin Toolkit developed by Xebia Workplace. This approach made it clear to recipients that a name change was imminent or had recently occurred. Ultimately, everyone adopted a central Kyden signature.

Documents in Google Drive were reorganized and made available to the correct groups and new teams. No emails were lost during the migrations, and employees remained operational.

One Kyden, Ready for the Future

The entire Kyden organization now operates within a single Google Workspace environment. All employees log in with their new accounts and have a centrally pushed signature in Kyden style. Collaboration has become much more straightforward, eliminating restrictions that arose from the use of multiple domains. Additionally, administration is now greatly simplified, as only one domain exists for all organizational units. A significant benefit, and certainly not the least, is that Kyden's clients now see unity: all communication originates from one organization,

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