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DPG Media Profits from Move to Google Workspace

Leading digital media group streamlines its internal collaboration power through Google Workspace — unifying people while saving time and money

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DPG Media Group is a leading digital media group active in three countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, and Denmark. It delights its readers, surfers, listeners, and viewers by providing sensational stories, lightning-fast news, and strong entertainment. Its flagship brands include VTM, QMusic, Het Laatste Nieuws, Humo, and De Morgen. Known as Tweakers and Livios online, DPG’s latest crown jewel is its streaming platform, Streamz. DPG is owned by the Van Thillo family and has 6,000 employees spread across the three countries.

More efficient cross-country team collaboration
A well-oiled digital media powerhouse
Dr. Google and floor walking to the rescue!

Towards Efficient Cross-Country Team Collaboration

As DPG Media expanded across country borders, the collaboration grew more challenging. The company and teams were operating in three different countries and divided across many internal divisions without a common digital infrastructure. As the world of media is changing continuously, effective and efficient collaboration is essential to remain a leader. Some of the divisions within DPG Media already used Google’s collaboration tools, and DPG Media realized it had to move to a single system. Google Workspace was the best option for streamlining communications, operations and reducing time and cost inefficiencies.

A Well-Oiled Digital Media Powerhouse

DPG Media collaborates like a well-oiled web-based machine, and that pays off. The organization has saved a lot of time and costs by adopting Google Workspace in full. Since collaborating is so streamlined, employees have more time to spend on learning and development, so DPG Media has also implemented Google Classroom. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Google Workspace was already fully deployed, making it easy to virtually collaborate from the beginning.

“From the very beginning, we decided to partner with Xebia, our Google Cloud partner. Together, we set up Google Workspace a modern web-based environment that integrates several tools for productivity and collaboration. Xebia was involved in the integration from the very first steps and shared thoughts and feedback to fine-tune the modern workplace.”
dpg media-1
Maarten Cautreels Product Owner

Dr. Google and Floor Walking to the Rescue

Xebia’s 5-pronged approach included: a transformation lab, training, Dr. Google, floor walking, and the intranet. In the transformation lab, Xebia first converted a selection of the processes into Google tools to demonstrate efficiency. Xebia offered training to employees on the ins and outs of the Google Workspace tools. Third, Xebia offered “Dr. Google” sessions, where employees scheduled an appointment with the Google specialists at a specific time and found a solution to the issue together. With floor walking, Xebia specialists approached every single employee addressing any questions face-to-face. On the company’s intranet, Xebia and DPG Media created a section of practical information, including tips and tricks for easy reference.

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