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Dutch Energy Provider Lights Up Competition with Daring New IoT Platform

Kenter utilizes creative IoT platform as an innovative, affordable measure of energy use, giving customers more savings options

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Founded in 2016, Dutch energy company Kenter serves energy and utility solutions for small and medium business enterprises. Kenter is a subsidiary of Alliander, the leading energy grid developer and operator in the Netherlands. Its client base currently numbers 30,000 across the Netherlands with over 300 employees. Its headquarters are located in the small Dutch town of Duizen. Kenter specializes in electrical transmission infrastructure, energy supplies, measuring and metering services, and charging solutions. Focusing on innovative, smart, and sustainable solutions as a way to contribute to new energy systems remains at the center of Kenter’s core functions.

Study and minimize energy consumption
Develop and design a cost-effective, scalable energy IoT platform
Create a smart cloud computing architecture to process data

Powering a New Platform

Kenter had an idea: create a system for optimal evaluation of clients’ energy consumption and efficiency using an Energy IoT measurement platform. Metering data is particularly integral for monitoring supply and demand. The new platform would highlight customer usage amounts and patterns to help them save energy long term. The architecture itself would also have to be both cost-effective and secure, keeping user data private. User privacy remains a key part of Kenter’s core values However, Kenter’s IT architecture at the time lacked the technology to do so. Knowing Xebia’s track record and expertise with designing infrastructures, the company was called in to bring Kenter’s IoT platform to life.

Efficiency in Energy

Moving to a cloud service system rather than an onsite platform granted Kenter the freedom to realize its vision. This vision centered around harnessing technology to keep track of customers’ energy use for a cost-effective, open-source, and user-friendly solution. This would allow Kenter to dial into customers’ needs more accurately and efficiently. The challenge was to accomplish this by building a scalable platform working in concert with a dedicated cloud server to handle data on a large scale before sending the information in smaller more consumable packets to Kenter’s platform. Xebia’s experts could help Kenter navigate the transition to cloud services and guide the construction of its own platform.  

“Around 30 different industry partners rely on the metering data we collect from thousands of businesses across the Netherlands.”
Bernard Meijer Product Specialist, Data at Kenter

Rethinking Data: Towards Continuous Improvement

Kenter’s new platform lacked a powerful roadmap. Xebia provided one that could analyze the most efficient methods of using large-scale data and converting it into consumer-friendly options for saving energy. Xebia then implemented the roadmap by building a cost-efficient, serverless and scalable architecture to distribute data to multiple applications. Importantly, this included the ability to generate new data requests when sensors indicated a new registration or change in preferences. Kenter’s ICT manager explained, “We were able to temporarily hold the data, so we could cope with sudden bursts of data and decouple the processing of data from the API communication.” The result was near real-time data from all IoT devices.

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