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European Leader in Mobile Private Networks Takes Security to the Next Level

Citymesh mitigates risks to get attacked by cyber criminals by regularly scanning their IT environment

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Citymesh is the European Leader in installing private 4G and 5G networks and WiFi-as-a-Service, with over 50 Mobile Private Networks deployed. Born and raised in B2B connectivity, they combine innovation, expertise, and great talent into (mobile) connectivity solutions.

Detect and mitigate security risks related to their digital environment
A clear insight into the possible risks
A thorough assessment of the Google Workspace environment

A Lack of Expertise

Over the years, the Google Workspace environment at Citymesh had been set up by the IT team members themselves. Due to a lack of internal expertise, checkboxes were occasionally ticked without thorough configuration. There was a lack of clear insight into the risks associated and they needed external expertise to detect and mitigate the risks.

“Xebia's Google Workspace Security Assessment
provided invaluable insights, mitigating significant risks and enhancing our digital security strategy, making it an essential annual collaboration for Citymesh.”
Frédéric Saelens Datacenter & Security Expert

Ticking all the Right Boxes

Citymesh hired Xebia to do a thorough assessment of the Google Workspace environment. The results were compiled into a detailed report, prioritizing recommendations. Laurens, Citymesh’s security expert,
chose a hands-on approach, investigating certain settings to maximize the learning experience. Some adjustments were immediately clear, while others required additional research.

Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Mitigating Risks by Staying on Top

Maximum Security

The outcome of the Security Assessment was a list of valuable recommendations. Operationally, there were no significant impacts, and in some cases, it resulted in additional work. Thanks to the thorough scan, significant security risks were identified and mitigated.

Executing the assessment on an annual basis ensures that the Citymesh environment remains as secure as possible. Xebia experts are continuously following new features and settings and are therefore perfectly equiped to help organizations such as Citymesh to maximize their security standards.


Ready to get your digital environment assessed as well? Check out what we can do for you and reach out!

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