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Home Healthcare Company Makes Room for Growth with Move to a Cloud-based Architecture

Dutch health provider ZuidZorg successfully migrates old systems to the cloud in under three months

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Healthcare provider ZuidZorg is the leading home healthcare specialist in the Dutch province of Brabant near Eindhoven. The nonprofit consists of four business units including Wijkzorg BV, Home Coaching BV, Real Estate BV, and Linel BV. ZuidZorg provides many services including home nursing, specialized family care, home cleaning, maternity and childcare, nutrition and dietary care, and youth preventative care. The company has over 1,000 healthcare workers and special ties with general practitioners, mental healthcare, and hospital specialists in the region. It is run by a supervisory board in addition to a client council and works council.

Replace aging hardware to increase flexibility and meet employee demands
Migrate healthcare apps to AWS cloud infrastructure
Simplifying the overall IT environment

A Healthy Foundation

Healthcare workers depend on an array of tools and apps for work and training. It’s imperative to keep up to date with patients’ progress; faster and better functioning apps allow nurses more time to care for patients and results in better patient experience overall. ZuidZorg’s IT infrastructure lacked the technical capacity for a solid foundation. Much of the existing architecture was old, time-consuming, and couldn’t adequately meet consumer demands. “Our application infrastructure was based in two data centers that had aging hardware,” said Dionysis Linardatos, IT manager at ZuidZorg. “As a result, we had performance problems with both software and hardware. Applications weren’t reliable and that created problems for nurses.”

Going Cloud for A Better Tomorrow

To better serve patients and keep up with the demands of the healthcare industry meant changes were necessary – changes that resulted in Xebia’s collaboration with ZuidZorg in its cloud migration. Xebia’s accomplishments and expertise in helping companies perform to their maximum stood out to ZuidZorg. Setting up an operational cloud architecture was key to getting ZuidZorg up to date and back on track. Xebia’s wide-ranging knowledge would make the transition from legacy system to cloud a quick one. As such, Xebia’s first task was to carefully create a cloud migration plan. This involved implementing AWS as the groundwork and would lay the foundation for success with continuous improvement over time.

“Our entire application environment is much more robust and performs better now that it is based in the AWS Cloud instead of in a data center. We are constantly learning about new technologies and this will help accelerate our business.”
Joost Houben Marketing Director Refreshment Benelux

Out With the Old, In With the New

In the world of healthcare, outdated software and legacy systems can be a real hazard. Zuidzorg knew its IT infrastructure needed an overhaul, and the nonprofitbroughtXebia in to take the lead in the process. Xebia started by moving much of ZuidZorg’s existing infrastructure into AWS, including business applications, employee databases, and intelligence systems. This process meant replacing laptops and getting rid of the desktop virtualization software. Xebia also created a separate system for logging, backups, audits and production, all in a matter of months. According to Linardartos: “The aim was to become a fully web-based healthcare organization, and we have achieved that with the help of Xebia and AWS.”

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