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Luxury IT Company Creates Cloud-Centered Infrastructure to Serve High-end Automotive Retailers

PON IT delivers scalable, security-minded, Agile products and IT services through successful cloud migration

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Oblivion | Part of Xebia

PON IT is a Dutch digital innovation company specializing in IT infrastructure, business application management, and business intelligence. The Utrecht-based company is part of Pon Holdings BV, one of the largest conglomerates in the Netherlands with 80 operating companies.These include several automotive companies with Audi, Lamborghini, and Bugatti among them. Each year, PON holdings has over €7 billion in turnover. It operates in 36 countries with 12,000 employees. PON IT was started in 2014 as the IT provider for PON’s various companies and currently has over 50 employees.

Upgrade IT infrastructure with a public cloud (AWS) environment
Handle all customer workloads in a secure and scalable way
Create a landing zone and implement DevOPs best practices

Investing in Future Proof

PON IT provides the technical backbone for its parent company’s wide array of 80 companies in nine different industries ranging from cars, agriculture, and fire safety. Delivering IT services and products across the board swiftly and at scale became a struggle. PON IT decided it had to change how it worked to keep up with the demands of the multinational. Migrating everything onto the cloud would create a centralized knowledge base for the entire company. After completing a cloud readiness assessment, the company reached out to Xebia’s cloud experts for the challenge and they were keen to get started.

Creating a Cloud Environment

Undertaking the next phase of development in a public cloud environment was one not taken lightly by PON IT. The company knew moving to a cloud-based operation would enable the agility and flexibility necessary to drive forward in business and focus on further innovations. Xebia’s well established knowledge in cloud migration made the decision easy. From the beginning, Xebia was able to translate PON IT’s business objectives and requirements into IT-ready solutions. Xebia’s consultants also played a major role in getting PON IT’s staff up to date with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the new cloud-based architecture.

Embracing an AWS Environment

PON IT’s move to a public cloud environment involved a lot of moving parts. Fleshing out the chosen AWS environment was an important factor in getting all the components configured. PON IT and Xebia built a landing zone where complete customer environments and workloads were deployed. Everything was encrypted, with AWS applications including Amazon Cloudwatch, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Identity, and Access Management employed for storage, cross-account access, archive logs, and monitoring. The move gave the group's various operating companies secure, compliant access to the benefits and features of a cloud environment. Empowered with easy scalability and faster product and workload deployment removed the burden of disparate systems operating all over the place.

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