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Customer Story

UAE Investment Firm’s Improved Data System Significantly Reduces Need for BI Support

With Xebia’s help, UAE investment firm successfully slashed the need for BI efforts by 30% monthly with new data system built with microservices.
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An investment and holding company based in the UAE is dedicated to supporting the country's transition into a globally competitive, knowledge-based economy. Through investments across various economic clusters, including Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, and Logistics, they aim to create long-term value, drive asset transformation, and foster a performance-driven culture in the UAE.
Reduced efficiency and visibility due to lack of a centralized performance overview, inefficient processes, and limited integration between internal systems.
Improve efficiency by adopting modernized tools to optimize and automate current processes
Microservices based solution hosted on MS Azure to manage asset performance data and decision-making processes

Say Goodbye To Efficiency

Given the company’s AUM exceeded $150 Billion, it was crucial to create an integrated platform where the performance of these assets could be easily tracked, processed, and reported. However, the lack of a centralized platform and automation made these tasks needlessly tricky.

Limited integration between PMO and ERP systems opened the company up to dangers such as data inconsistencies, inefficient manual data entry, and lack of real-time information, which could result in ineffective resource management, compliance issues, and hindered decision-making—finally, inefficient approval workflows and reporting mechanisms created further inefficiencies and poor visibility.

Centralize, Automate, Optimize

To address these challenges, the company implemented a web-based platform for submitting, reviewing, approving, and reporting asset performance data with the help of microservices hosted on Azure. The platform allowed for the automation of approval workflows (with different levels of approvals and workflows) tailored to different submission types. Additionally, integrating the ERP and PMO systems streamlined the data management and submission process, while the custom-built reporting and dashboards provided clear insight into asset performance.

This comprehensive solution addressed the immediate challenges of manual data gathering and reporting. It provided a robust framework for ongoing performance management, enabling the company to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives based on accurate, real-time data.

With Xebia’s help, we have bid farewell to inefficiency and gained real-time visibility into asset performance. This has not only streamlined our processes but also empowered us to make informed decisions based on accurate data 

30% Reduction in BI support efforts every submission month.

The key to success in building the centralized platform was in several actions taken during the project. Handpicked microservices and their subsequent integration with Azure allowed the creation of a streamlined system that improved data visibility and optimized management. The integration with Oracle Financial ERP and PMO systems was undertaken to fetch data for the assets. Furthermore, a custom-built PDF report generation using EJS was implemented to streamline reporting processes. This solution automated and streamlined the data gathering and reporting processes and provided a centralized platform for managing asset performance data, enhancing visibility and efficiency across the organization.

The implementation of 50+ PowerBI dashboards further enhanced the reporting capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring of current performance, comparison of historical numbers, and the generation of reports for the Investment Committee, Management, and Executive Leadership.

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