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Customer Story

UAE Bank’s New and Improved Applications Delivers Better, Faster Customer Service

Xebia helps UAE bank provide top-notch customer service through fully-equipped banking applications
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One of the leading banks in the UAE, offering innovative personal and business banking services through state-of-the-art digital channels, including mobile and online banking & through an extensive branch and ATM network.   

In order to improve their customer service and competitiveness, Xebia was hired to build banking applications their customers would embrace

To provide its corporate and retail customers with the best banking experience and stay competitive.
Improved functionality by creating a new Retail Banking Application and modernizing the bank’s existing Business Application.
Systematic front-end architecture, Scrum of Scrums methodology to manage teams, and OutSystems for top-notch operational agility

Modern Solutions For Modern Needs

The bank approached Xebia to help enhance their Retail and Corporate customers’ experience and develop banking applications that were secure, reliable, and user-friendly.   

In response to the demands of modern consumers and ncreasing reliance on mobile technology, banking applications have become increasingly important to improve one’s banking experience.   

 By increasing functionality in its existing Business Application (catered to corporate clients) and building a new Retail Banking Application from scratch (catered to individual, smaller clients), the bank was able to provide its customers with an improved user experience, helping it gain a competitive edge.   

Guided by Customer Needs  

The bank's existing Business Application (iBusiness) was modernized to meet customer demands and stay competitive. Features added included 40 types of service requests, distinction between Islamic & Non-Islamic transactions, seven types of transfers, standing orders, bulk uploads, payment complaint management, and Maker-Checker approval.   

Xebia also helped build a fully functional application for Retail customers equipped with seamless registration & login, easy transfers & payments, clear dashboards, back office support, customer self-services, and retail product lifecycle management. This development ensured that customers had a better and faster user experience with their banking tools, group online banking channels, and seamless movement between online banking tools.   

 The development of the existing and new applications ensured the bank provided both groups of customers with the best banking experience.   

Built For Customers

"Thanks to this project, in collaboration with Xebia, our banking applications now provide a seamless and efficient user experience, securing a competitive advantage against others in the industry. "

A Systematic Plan Using the Right Tools  

Xebia implemented a well-structured front-end architecture for the Business Application and adopted the Scrum of Scrums methodology to manage multiple development squads efficiently. Additionally, Xebia utilized several integrations to equip the system with enhanced functionality. This includes Ping Authenticator, QR code integration, and 11 Utility Payment Integrations (SALIK, Etisalat, WASEL, Du: Pay as You Go, Du: Monthly Plan, SEWA Online, DEWA Easy Pay, ADDC Online, AADC Online, FEWA Online, ELIFE).   

 For the Retail customers, Xebia combined the benefits of the low-code platform, Outsystems, tried-and-true front-end templates for World Bank Group & Private Bank, and other modules to build a fully functional app that customers could embrace easily. 

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