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Using to Maximize Internal Planning With Salesforce Integration

DE SINGEL, a renowned cultural institution in Belgium, reimagined its communication and marketing planning through a custom and Salesforce integration

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DE SINGEL is an International Arts Centre in Belgium known for its wide variety of artistic events. It offers everything from classical music concerts to modern dance shows and art exhibits. The center is a go-to place for anyone interested in arts and culture, and it's known for its high-quality performances and exhibits.

To promote these diverse events, DE SINGEL runs various marketing campaigns. They produce seasonal brochures, program booklets for each event, both in print and online, and bi-monthly event calendars. They also run various marketing campaigns, including posters, newspaper and magazine ads, online banners, and even radio and TV spots. Email campaigns and press communications are also key aspects of their outreach. Social media is a big part of their strategy too, with regular email campaigns, organic and paid social media posts, and videos. Most of these tasks are done in-house, but they also collaborate with external partners.

The need for comprehensive planning and collaboration
Streamlining complex task management for optimal output
Custom integration using

Optimizing Task Management

DE SINGEL's communication team faced the challenge of managing a multitude of tasks across different timelines — ASAP, medium-term, and long-term. They were looking for a system that could provide a high-level overview while also allowing for detailed planning and task automation. The goal was to increase efficiency in briefing, planning, and follow-up activities, making it easier to collaborate with both internal and external team members.

“DE SINGEL’s communication team needs to generate a lot of exposure and output with a focus on ticket sales. We went in search of a solution to clearly map the team's workload and to automate tasks that are linked to specific assignments.”
Katrijn de Wit Head of Communications & Marketing

Identifying the Need for a Specialized Task Management Tool 

While DE SINGEL's communication team had a strong ambition to optimize task management, the specific challenge was handling their complex workload. The team was dealing with tasks that had different levels of urgency and were often seasonally recurring. They needed a tool that could not only provide transparency in task assignments but also offer functionalities for efficient briefing, planning, and follow-up. The aim was to find a specialized tool that could seamlessly integrate these needs, allowing them to better visualize their communication plans, develop campaigns effectively, and allocate tasks to specific productions and campaigns.

Custom Integration and Comprehensive Project Management Setup turned out to be the specialized task management tool that met DE SINGEL’s requirements the most. In addition to establishing a custom integration between Salesforce and via, Xebia implemented a project management setup tailored to DE SINGEL's communication/marketing department. The setup featured a high/low level board setup with custom automations, managed through This setup allows for both a bird's-eye view of overarching project goals and a granular focus on individual tasks. To further enhance collaboration, separate boards were created for freelancers, which were kept in sync with the low-level boards. This holistic approach not only streamlined task management but also enabled real-time updates across all platforms, significantly boosting collaboration and efficiency.

Thanks to the integration between Salesforce and in combination with’s transparent task management, DE SINGEL can anticipate busy periods during the season. Collaboration with both internal employees as well as external partners is thus elevated to the next level.

“Salesforce is the single source of truth for DE SINGEL. Thanks to seamless integration of production planning in Salesforce with, we can work from accurate and specific data. This is a huge efficiency gain!”
Katrijn de Wit Head of Communications & Marketing

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