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Tentoo Rewrites Organization With Google Cloud Platform

Leading payroll service provider switches to a modern, fit-for-purpose customer platform to expand within the Belgian market

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Tentoo was founded more than twenty years ago in the Netherlands and offers all-in-one HR solutions in almost all sectors. Its goal is to make entrepreneurship and freelancing as easy as possible for its clients.

Tentoo Payroll Professionals is a subsidiary of Tentoo and is an important partner for employers, organizations, and freelancers when it comes to payrolling and other salary-related services. Its service is all about convenience, flexibility, and good service. For freelancers, it provides a lighter administrative burden with fewer financial risks, while for employers, it takes over the task of paying employees, leaving them to focus on what they do best.

Compliance and customer experience were severely compromised by outdated software
Replaced the existing architecture with Google Cloud Platform
Ensured the solution was scalable and customizable

IT Overhaul Desperately Needed

Tentoo Payroll Professionals ran its Dutch and Belgian business on software specifically developed for the Dutch market, making compliance with ever-evolving Belgian legislation is increasingly difficult. At the same time, its customer platform needed a refresh to ensure best practices for the customer journey and to keep a competitive edge in a fast-changing environment

This urgent overhaul of Tentoo’s core applications was far beyond its limited IT capabilities. The software packages were hosted on Tentoo’s local servers in Belgium, which sometimes suffered from unstable Internet connectivity, while IT depended on hardware support from the remote Netherlands office.

Single Digital Platform

Tentoo fully replaced its existing architecture with a single digital platform tailor-made on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The new platform integrates seamlessly with Tentoo’s other applications and is fully compliant with Belgian legislation. The needs of Tentoo’s many mobile users are also now finally met.

“In sixteen months, with the help of Xebia, the whole organization was rewritten, and Tentoo is now more equipped than ever to serve the Belgian market,” said Johan De Boel, Tentoo’s managing director.

“For us, it is more than simply adding value to our company. To put it simply: the platform is our company. Upgrading the platform meant upgrading everything that we are.”
Johan De Boel Managing Director at Tentoo Belgium

A Scalable and Customizable Solution

Xebia helped Tentooset up Google’s App Engine and Cloud Storage, ensuring that the platform and the linked digital archive were fully scalable. The new architecture is also highly customizable: new versions can be activated without downtime.

Tentoo now has a modern customer platform that is fit for purpose. It’s adjustable to Belgian needs, no longer depends on a server, and can be accessed anywhere at any time. The company’s entire archive is now in the cloud, so all information can be accessed instantly, allowing freelancers and other clients to use Tentoo without interruption.

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