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New Support Platform Proves Big Hit for Prato Clients

Innovative HR company switches its customer service platform to Freshdesk, to mass stakeholder approval

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Prato provides a range of HR solutions for temporary work agencies, alongside a whole host of other organizations. The company prides itself on simplifying and automating all HR processes, allowing its customers to simply focus on their passions.  

For over 15 years Prato has created top-end, innovative software to meet its clients’ payroll and staff administration needs. It also provides numerous other services, including comprehensive and flexible solutions for every one of its clients —all the while ensuring that the highest contractual, socio-legal, and payroll standards are kept.

Use of a legacy system prevented modernization
Implement a cloud-native, multi-channel support platform
Integrate Freshdesk across the company

System Frustrations Lead to Change

Prato has a large variety of B2B customers within a complex business sector. As a software provider, its customers understandably come to the help desk with a whole range of questions. The help desk team operated with an old legacy ticket system with limited functionality which ran via a client-side server. This meant customers could not track progress on their tickets, leading to frustration on all sides —even Prato’s own team didn’t buy into the old system.

“It was difficult to give the best service to our software customers when our own customer service platform made our job so hard,” Prato’s support team leader said.

Multi-Channel Support

Prato was eager to modernize with a cloud-based, out-of-the-box solution that could evolve constantly. That solution also needed to fully support all the various software suites Prato provides to its customers. 

Providing multi-channel support, Prato wanted to track tickets by phone, email, and via a self-service portal. All history and contextual information had to be available to anyone who needed it across the organization so that incoming questions could be escalated to the right person immediately. Most of all, the new tool needed to be cloud-native, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

"We are noticing a huge gain in efficiency. Employees now see the entire communication thread with the customer on the ticket itself. We can also assign priorities to specific questions, ensuring we handle the most urgent cases first."
Ingrid Team lead application support at Prato

Freshdesk: the Perfect Solution

Prato integrated Freshdesk into their back office with Xebia’s support, getting immediate results.

As a cloud-based solution, the new portal is a big hit. Clients get a quick overview of all their open questions, their status, and with whom they can follow up. At the same time, Prato’s team always has all the relevant information on hand to resolve and answer those questions.

Escalation works smoothly - Prato’s three levels of support now have a clear line of progression which means the definitive answer is efficiently found for every client. “Not only are the employees happier, but even the customers are enthusiastic about Freshdesk,” noted Ingrid.

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