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Streaming Platform Adds Required Age Verification for International Launch

Xebia helped this Streaming Services client create, execute, and monitor legally binding age verification services in order to launch in specific countries.

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The client is a leading international family entertainment and media enterprise. Their diverse business also includes entertainment parks, experiences, products, as well as media and entertainment distribution; and producing content for DTC, theatrical and linear platforms.

Enhancing Legal Compliance and User Experience for Streaming Services Launch
Age Verification Integration for Streaming Services
Microservices Implementations and Third-Party Integrations

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and User Security 

Implementing robust age verification solutions was crucial for the client to ensure legal compliance, enhance user trust, and facilitate a successful launch in South Korea's streaming media market. Xebia's digital transformation and solution delivery expertise provided tangible business value by enabling the client to meet regulatory standards, protect user data, and establish a competitive edge in the industry

Implementing Legally Binding Age Verification 

Xebia played a pivotal role in assisting this Streaming Services client with creating, executing, and monitoring legally binding age verification services to facilitate the launch of their streaming services in specific countries, particularly South Korea, within a tight deadline. The challenges encompassed integrating the KCB Java library for age verification, testing processes, expected traffic management, and service configuration while adhering to strict regulatory requirements. 

Government-approved Integrations 

Xebia approached the age verification integration by meticulously addressing technical challenges such as integrating a library pre-approved by the Government, testing with real end-users, handling expected traffic surges, and implementing effective monitoring and alert systems. Leveraging AWS services, Terraform for configuration management, and advanced testing methodologies, Xebia navigated complexities with agile strategies, ensuring seamless integration, regulatory compliance, and optimal performance for the client's streaming services. 

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