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Customer Story

Energy Consumption Insight Provider processes and generates data faster with scalable cloud architecture

An energy consumption application with over 100,000 users, faced data processing challenges due to the volume of energy meter data, prompting Xebia's assistance in developing a scalable solution using AWS services.
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Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Xebia is a free-to-use application for Dutch consumers that allows you to gain insights on your energy consumption. The easiest way to cut energy costs is by not using that energy in the first place. To give a clear and easy to understand overview of your energy consumption is a first step towards reducing your energy consumption.

With over a 100.000 users in the system can help people understand how they use their energy and help them proactively by recommending energy saving measures. It can also help larger projects, eg. organized by municipalities, to identify possible measures they can take in order to help their residents become more sustainable.

Growing amounts of data need to be handled effectively
Encrypted data streams that are  processed, cleansed, and secured.
Data processed from the sources through Amazon S3 and AWS Glue

The Challenge

With the large amount of data that comes from all the energy meters, it was no longer possible to analyze it using the operational database for the application itself. Queries would take too long and costs would go up considerably if the current database would need to scale to allow those kinds of large scale analytics.

Xebia helped to build a low cost, scalable data and analytics solution. It now allows them to create dashboards using large amounts of anonymized data and to train models that will advise customers proactively or give better insights in their consumption.

The Solution

The implemented solution uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to store all the encrypted data. Making it scalable and easy to consume. The data is processed, cleansed and enriched using data pipelines in AWS Glue, to make sure the data is of high quality and ready for further consumption. All the data is anonymized and encrypted, making sure that privacy rules are implemented and data is secure.

“The flexibility in being able to analyze and process data on AWS allows us to see where our added value lies. With the help of Xebia’s expertise, we have vastly optimized our product and are even more capable of fulfilling customer needs.”

The Result

With the new solution in place can now give insights on a bigger scale. Reducing the time to create a report for a municipality from days to have it readily available whenever they need it, with up-to-date data.

The ability to train new models opens up new possibilities for the platform and their users. Like making recommendations to help users reduce their energy consumption and allow them to use their energy smarter and more efficiently.

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