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Customer Story

Sage Cloud Software Gets Boost With Carbon React

Accounting specialists create a component library that improves client collaboration — and satisfaction
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Founded in 1981, Sage develops estimating and accounting software for small businesses. Today, its globally leading technology provides small and medium businesses with the visibility, flexibility and efficiency to manage finances, operations and people. Trusted by millions of customers worldwide, Sage delivers top-notch cloud technology and support, making it an important “software as a service” player in the HR management sector, with annual revenue of £1.8 billion in 2021.

To ensure consistency across its software Sage needed its own component library
Develop and roll out React javascript library
Establish long-term partnership with Xebia to ensure features are efficiently developed and released

New Library for Production Environment

Sage supports entrepreneurs worldwide with integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems. Its solutions are quick, user-friendly and available on every device and platform thanks to the cloud, offering clients the freedom to work however and wherever they prefer.

To maintain a consistent look and feel on all platforms while also reducing the time needed to build and design new apps, Sage wanted to create a component library – Carbon React. It needed Frontend experts who not only know React but are also experienced in implementing design systems, where the specifications and rules for the component library are created.

Continually Evolving Technology

Sage chose to work with Xebia to create the library and help maintain and evolve it going forward. Together they work as a single team, using Kanban alongside other Agile working methodologies to ensure that continuous delivery of the company’s market-leading software-as-a-service is maintained.

Carbon was written using the React javascript library, with Sage employing continuous deployment of the latest technological and design system developments. Carbon’s code was migrated to TypeScript to provide better documentation throughout, while the quality assurance process on Cypress has been increasingly automated, speeding up testing cycles.

“Xebia has greatly helped Sage build cloud software for small businesses and accountants to collaborate online and help run their businesses. We continue to work together to design, build, and test, ensuring our customers remain happy with the product experience.”
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Paul Regnart Engineering Manager, Sage.

Carbon Sets High Standards for Development

Carbon React is now being used in several Sage projects, including Small Business Segment apps, Sage Accounting Plus, Client Management, Payroll, Quick Start Wizard, and other cloud software for small businesses. Being open-source, it also helps thousands of developers create their own apps.

React components are constantly being developed and refined for the Carbon library. The Carbon team works as one coherent unit, including Xebia and Sage developers. A quick release process, continuous integration of features and fixes and shorter testing cycles mean that Sage continues to develop cutting-edge management tools for its clients.

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