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Randstad Embraces Interconnected Google Workspace

Dutch international recruitment company  streamlines its core processes with Google Workspace tools, empowering HR decision making

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Founded in 1960, Dutch international recruitment company Randstad operates more than 4,000 branches in 39 countries worldwide. The company has an extensive multinational recruitment network, matching companies, from blue chip multinationals and consulting firms to government and SMEs, with millions of temporary and permanent employees.

To gain better and faster functionality
Migrate to Google Workspace
Embraced the interconnected environment

Getting Efficient and Smart

As a multinational HR company with an extensive network, Randstad’s business is centered around its employees being able to constantly communicate, collaborate, share feedback, and update data. Its previous communications solution was making Randstad lose time, so the company decided to switch to a centralized, mobile alternative to ensure its staff communicated seamlessly.

Google to the Max

Randstad approached Xebia to find a better way of working. While HR is people-centric, it was clear technology could help Randstad streamline internal processes, helping staff discuss what matters — potential hires — as well as be more productive.

Xebia helped Randstad migrate to Google Workspace (using Google Calendar, Cloud Search, Currents, Drive and Docs, Gmail, Chat, Meet, Vault, Contacts, Groups, and Keep). With Google’s suite of tools, all of Randstad’s staff are now on the same page, able to find data and communication in one place.

“Technology gives us more time to be in touch with people. This allows us to give more attention to the people we outsource to, our colleagues and our clients.”
Senne Beckers Senior Accounts Specialist

Streamlining Workflow Through Integration

Xebia helped Randstad migrate from its old system to Google Workspace to greatly improve workflow. Randstand now uses Calendar to arrange logistics, Currents to post tips instantly, Forms to edit, optimize, and process resumes, Keep to structure workflows, and Google Cloud Search — all to create a flexible, fast-paced way of working.

Nowhere was this more apparent than using Google Forms and Sheets to streamline annual assessments. Previously, Randstad collected annual reviews by emailing a document that would then need to be printed out, filled in, and emailed back. But by using Google Forms, feedback could be input into the system instantly, taking five minutes rather than one hour.

Xebia continues to build applications for Randstad on Google App Engine, to integrate existing systems.

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