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Photographer’s Foundation Gets Picture-Worthy Upgrade and Digital Transformation

A charitable organization with focus on indigenous cultures, The Jimmy Nelson Foundation gets digital uplift improving international coordination

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The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded by British photographer Jimmy Nelson. The foundation was established in 2016 as an outlet for charity, education, and promoting cultural expression with particular emphasis on Indigenous cultures throughout the world. Jimmy Nelson himself has traversed the globe working first as a photojournalist in war zones and then moving into more commercial work. This work focuses mainly on indigenous and isolated cultures. The foundation’s extensive film and photo and research materials have been turned into a learning resource for children called Cult-ED. The foundation is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 


Work more cohesively with its international team
Consolidate and connect working spaces internationally
Onboard team to G Suite with continuous training

Limit Schedule Fatigue

International in origin, much of The Jimmy Nelson Foundation’s work takes place outside of its Amsterdam headquarters. However, coordinating work in different time zones and different schedules, not to mention the variety of software and services used, was proving difficult. A solution was needed to curb wasted time and onboard employees with a single platform, making management far more efficient. The foundation also needed to addree storage od its copious bank of visual materials, so they turned to Xebia for help in reorganization.


Simplify the Process

Xebia’s ample experience with international companies enabled it to successfully guide JNF through every step of its reorganization process. This included working with its international partners and co-workers in tandem to get a feel for what would work best. The first step involved getting the JNF team familiar with the Google Workspace platform and its range of products. Google Workspace's mail platform was particularly crucial for JNF to move forward in a streamlined manner. Xebia was able to provide a cohesive working structure that JNF lacked.

“Xebia took time for everyone within our office, and we received a very friendly, and most importantly, very thorough explanation of all the new possibilities the system has to offer.”
Jimmy Nelson
Tessel van der Putte JNF Communications & PR

Centralizing Knowledge

Working with GSuite meant the JNF team had to adapt to  a new platform. Luckily, there was a little learning curve and JNF’s small numbers made it quicker and easier to learn together. One of Xebia’s first moves was to transfer the foundation’s email system to GSuite and integrate it with its existing calendars. The whole structure of the new system allowed for easy storage and organization of files and folders. Files could be shared and saved without the hassle of the competing systems JNF had used prior. Xebia also trained the foundation’s team members on each aspect of the platform including fun extras that would make working together a breeze.

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