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Parkos: Premium Parking With Google Cloud Platform

Number one airport parking platform accelerates global growth by improving the customer experience using GlobalDNS
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Parkos is the number one platform for comparing and booking cheap and secure airport parking spaces. Since 2007 Parkos has partnered with over five hundred parking providers, in fourteen countries, for more than sixty airports and is still growing. All parking lots are carefully inspected, and traveler feedback is used to ensure high standards are maintained. Customers have free cancellation until twenty-four hours before departure, and the company prides itself on customer service. Parkos finds the best deals for its customers, with over half a million customers booking with the company since it started.
Speed up booking and app development
Integrate GCP to optimize DNS
Use CloudDNS and AI for more conversions

Improving User Experience Pivotal

Parkos needed to accelerate its global growth by improving the customer experience. This included speeding up both the look-to-book process and application development, meaning Parkos’s IT needed to become more scalable, robust, and better-performing.

The company’s ambition was to be the easiest option for its customers, parking partners, and employees. The speed and UX of the website and back-office had to be improved – two out of three consumers switch to a competitor if a website malfunctions. “Lack of speed is the most frequently mentioned complaint,” said Parkos’s managing director, Peter Bosma, “At the same time, we needed to facilitate continuous code deployment and eliminate downtime.”

“Companies that are obsessed about delivering great customer experience create obsessed customers. That is one of our leading principles. Xebia helped us achieve exactly that with their Lift-and-Shift expertise and experience.”
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Peter Bosma Managing Director, Parkos

Integrate GCP to Optimize UX and Development

Parkos chose Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to improve the website performance. GCP allows Parkos to optimize DNS so that consumers use the website closest to their location while also auto-scaling servers depending on traffic levels. Parkos could also employ full-page caching and A/B testing, with website updates deploying quickly without downtime.

“We chose GCP because of its focus on speed, the major driver for our users’ experience. Helpfully, it also complements our other Google applications,” Bosma added, “Google themselves recommended Xebia as the best option to lift and shift our infrastructure to their platform.”

Accelerated Performance: More Business

Parkos and Xebia successfully completed the initial migration within just a few weeks before focusing on upscaling and optimization.

Using Google’s customizable global CloudDNS network greatly reduced the latency of Parkos’s website, speeding up its visitor experience alongside app development. Processing performance was accelerated by thirty percent in the Netherlands, and up to eighty percent elsewhere, meaning more customers and more bookings.

Developers now deploy code independently without risking bringing the system down, so Parkos can continuously evolve with zero downtime. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, both using Google technology, enrich Parkos’s data, enhancing further innovations.

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