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Customer Story

Building Up Advanced Analytics Practice

How ING transformed to a bank with analytics as a business model, by implementing a Global Analytics Academy

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ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base, offering banking services. The organization draws on its experience and expertise, a commitment to excellent service and a global scale to meet the needs of a broad customer base, comprising individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments. Customers are at the heart of what ING does.

ING employs more than 52,000 employees that offer retail and wholesale banking services to customers in over 40 countries. To determine what the banking industry should look like in the future, ING looks closely at the services society needs banks to provide and then, what kinds of banks can best provide these services.

ING wanted to become a bank with analytics as a business model, but its workforce lacked the required skills and expertise
Global Analytics Academy with learning journeys customized for each data role in the organization plus online data awareness courses for the whole workforce
Over 5,000 employees assessed, trained and certified as Analytics Sponsor, Business Translator or Data Scientist in face-to-face courses, and 52,000 employees trained in total

Global Analytics Academy

To execute the organization's AI strategy, ING defined the need to grow AI skills throughout the company. The goal was to develop AI competencies for their global workforce and grow the ability to contribute to and work on AI use cases.

Besides developing a common understanding of AI throughout their business, ING also expressed the ambition to establish a standard way of working. They asked Xebia to provide learning journeys for over 5,000 employees globally by providing coaching and learning services.

“ING wants to become a data-driven organization with Analytics as a business model. The Analytics Academy is key in accomplishing this mission, training thousands in the organization to understand the importance of data and the possibilities of Analytics and AI.
Xebia has the expertise to deliver a wide range of trainings, for our business people, our executive and the experienced Data Scientists.”
Mieke Nan Analytics Academy Lead at ING

Xebia has been teaching over 5,000 professionals face-to-face and 52,000 in total at ING worldwide. This led to the introduction of best-practices and a standardized way of working. As a result, ING established a higher efficiency in the realization of use cases, a bigger use case pipeline, and the ability to tackle AI challenges more effectively than ever before.

“To stay on top of our field, it is very valuable for us to be trained by top-level experts, who have an academic as well as practical experience. Xebia's Data & AI Accelerator Program is very important to us.”
Wendell Kuling Director Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at ING

At ING, Xebia helped kick off multiple big data implementations. Adding to that, Xebia worked closely together with the Commercial Banking branch of ING to help establish a data-driven culture within the organization. Over the last years, a number of business cases have been developed and released into production.

In order to escalate the skills of the Advanced Analytics team, Xebia developed the Data & AI Accelerator Program. For ING, the full 24-day program was organized as an in-company program.

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