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Customer Story

Homerr: Fast Response Time, Satisfied Customers

Integrating customer service channels onto a single platform gives innovative parcel delivery network a premium service level

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Homerr is a network that consists of local parcel pickup and retail service points around the Netherlands, so-called “Homerr Points.” Consumers can have their parcels sent to one of these points, or take their packages to them for collection by their favored courier. 

These points connect people who are regularly at home with neighbors who cannot be at home for the delivery of their parcel. Homerr uses existing parcel delivery companies’ routes and vans, saving up to 79% CO2 emissions per package. This makes Homerr’s parcel network both social and more sustainable.

Customer service required more structure
Combine all service channels into one platform
Integrate Freshdesk for optimal customer overview

No Integration: No Premium Service

Homerr receives hundreds of emails per day regarding parcels and registrations of Homerr Points, along with requests from consumers and online stores. Every email requires a quick, professional response in order to provide a high service level and grow the business. A lack of structure in the handling of these messages meant Homerr struggled to provide its customers with the best possible service.

Handling customer calls is, next to email, the other major contact point for Homerr. Logging calls was a manual, time-consuming process, with few connections between customer communication channels. This lack of integration led to a degradation in the service Homerr gave to its customers as it grew.


Emails and Calls Finally Integrated

Structuring incoming email was Homerr’s priority. By integrating its Freshdesk application, Xebia created an easy overview of all emails coming into Homerr. This included automatically allocating email to the right department, and the automated categorization of mail as it arrives, meaning a quick, professional response to every email as standard.

The next step was to integrate the call center. The main goals were to create a complete customer overview and to simplify the logging of telephone calls. Xebia integrated the Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) to manage call flows, ensuring all calls get directed to the right department. Integrated on a single platform, Homerr now has an overview of every customer contact in one place.

"Together with Xebia, we have been able to accelerate the realization of our service strategy. By implementing Freshdesk we are better able to help our clients and thus increase customer satisfaction, which is absolutely key to our growth."


Mark-Jan Pieterse Co-founder and CCO at Homerr

Supported Integration

Homerr’s integrations of Freshdesk and Freshdesk Contact Center were managed by Xebia, which ensured that Homerr was supported and guided every step of the way by its experienced team. As well as managing the integrations, they ensured that Homerr’s existing CRM system was smoothly linked to those integrations using Freshdesk’s open API, connecting it to the whole company.

“As well as customer service upgrades, Freshdesk provides Homerr a wealth of information for our decision-making. For example, automatic periodic reports give us a reliable picture of growth in customer contacts, along with some fascinating qualitative data on how our customers use us,” noted co-founder Pieterse.

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