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COIN Migrates to Cloud to Deliver Value Faster

Dutch telecom association standardizes its software to achieve high performance; delivers value to customers faster
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An association of Dutch telecommunications service providers, COIN offers a joint platform to facilitate common business processes regarding legislation and regulation. COIN supports interoperability between telecommunications companies, helping consumers and businesses switch service providers while keeping their phone numbers. In 2020, nearly 230,000 consumers and companies switched using COIN’s subscriber service. COIN also delivers infrastructure such as 164 Central Reference Database, emergency and directory services, and fraud prevention. The company has scored an 8.2 in both customer and employee satisfaction.

Compete in business, speed, and flexibility to meet customer demands
Containerize all applications to automate and standardize the application deployment process
Implement a standardized cloud-native infrastructure, CI pipelines, and an Agile way of working

Staying up to Speed

Like most companies today, COIN faced extreme pressure to increase the agility, delivery, and functionality of its services. The company asked Xebia for help in becoming more adaptable, especially in how it tackled challenges. Xebia advised the company to implement a cloud-native infrastructure, CI pipelines, and an Agile way of working. By standardizing its applications, COIN could greatly improve the reliability, speed, agility and security of its systems.

Standardize the Deployment Process

Working with Xebia, COIN migrated to the cloud and digitized its infrastructure by containerizing its applications. COIN now has full oversight and can easily monitor, develop, and improve its performance. “Containerization is helping us handle increasing workloads with greater efficiency, leaving our development team to stay focused on developing the features our customers want,” said COIN’s managing director Stephen Mans, “Our services are now faster and more reliable, and our extensive and well-documented APIs allow us to easily facilitate the needs of our customers. It was worth the investment.”

“Xebia helped us to transform from being a tech-follower to a tech-leader. We now create better services and have more time to focus on delivering real value to our customers.”
Vereniging Coin
Stefphen Mans Managing Director

Implementing Greater Efficiency

For one of the main applications, the team deployed Amazon RDS for Oracle, a high-available Oracle service, and also used GitOps, allowing developers to create new applications, update existing ones, and manage operational workflows. The overriding idea was to keep things simple and streamlined, so Xebia also developed automated password generation and infrastructure setup, and created business service level checks and monitoring to help COIN maintain efficiency. COIN now provides better service for its customers.

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