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Customer Story

Leprazending Aims for Cure With Salesforce Implementation

Nonprofit with goal of ending leprosy receives a comprehensive CRM overhaul to help meet its objectives

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Leprazending is a Dutch nonprofit working to fight leprosy around the world. It was founded in 1975 to raise funds and recruit volunteers in the Netherlands and abroad. Its mission is achieved through medical assistance, vocational training, microcredits as well as research. The Christian organization has its headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, and currently employs 8 people on a part-time basis. It is part of a broader organization that operates in 31 countries with thousands of volunteers.

Provide an up-to-date, comprehensive CRM for better engagement
Ensure onboarding processes and updates run smoothly
Move to Salesforce and start automation processes through Pardot

Reaching New Horizons

Leprazending had been in operation for nearly 50 years. Throughout those years, it had employed a number of platforms including Ifunds for fundraising and project management but it was time for a system with more functionality and automation. Hearing about Xebia’s recent success with another NGO made the decision esy for Leprazending in its own hunt for an upgrade. After drawing up a request for proposal, Leprazending was on its way to moving its CRM from Ifund to Salesforce. Xebia provided the know-how to transition quickly and smoothly. 

Automated Features and Upgraded Functionality

Leprazending had quite the data crunch when it came to implementing the new CRM. The organization’s international presence and work with people around the globe amounted to a sizable database of contacts and other information. It needed something that would work with the scope of their projects. Moreover, Leprazending needed a solution to connect all of its functions from fundraising, marketing, and programming. Automation was also on top of the list. With everything happening in one place, more time could be spent on the physical aspect of Leprazending’s mission including travel and research

“Marketing automation properly is by no means a piece of cake, but it turns out to be a very powerful tool. I find especially useful for designing customer journeys, which really make an impact when it comes to fundraising.”
Mark van den Berg Marketer at Leprazending

A Strategy Fit for Nonprofits

One of the primary objectives for Leprazending was to be able to automate its marketing campaigns. The organization is small, but the outreach needed to be large. After making the transition from Ifund to Salesforce, Xebia consulted with Leprazending’s marketer and came up with a solution. Pardot, a Salesforce tool, would be used to set up marketing tasks as well as lead generation. It would allow customized emails, timed connections, and an overview of prospects that were invaluable to Leprazending’s mission. The Salesforce CRM proved integral to letting the organization do its work without mountains of data getting in the way.  

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