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Customer Story

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Overhauls CRM Platform

Foundation providing families with sick children temporary hospital housing consolidates its IT infrastructure for faster data management and better outreach

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Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds is a network of activists, volunteers, donors, and sponsors who help contribute to and collaborate with the 15 Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the Netherlands. The foundations, currently numbering 16 in total, were started in 1985 as a means to help sick children or children with disabilities and their parents stick together during trying times. The actual houses are financially sponsored by the Kinderfonds. These houses are located next to hospitals and provide sick children and their families a place to stay while the children receive treatment. They also act as second temporary homes complete with all the facilities needed in a house – kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and playroom.

Align houses and funds for more effective management
Create an easy-to-use solution for storing and filing data through Salesforce integration
Use Salesforce as the binding force to complete objectives

Streamlined to Align Foundations

Making an impact in children’s lives remains the central focus of Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds. However, there was a lack of efficiency as each house had its own ways of working and its own management style. This included management of fundraising, volunteers, and customer relations. Methods ranged from sticky notes to Excel sheets and other accounting platforms. The foundation wanted to achieve a more complete view and unite the separate houses together. A new streamlined, unified IT system would allow for more fundraising opportunities and knowledge sharing.

Unifying on One Work Platform

The Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds and houses work together in large part but remain separate entities with their own systems and structures. The challenge was to find a way to bridge the gap between these disparate working habitats and centralize them on one working platform. Xebia identified Salesforce as the software that would benefit the two the most according to their needs and previous management infrastructures. With Salesforce in place, both organizations would have more efficient workflows with the ability to access data and files quickly. A much more streamlined system ultimately saved time and cut down on costs.

“Salesforce allows the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds and the Ronald McDonald Houses to approach our guests, sponsors, donors, and volunteers in a welcoming manner, from all our locations in the Netherlands.”
Miranda Noorlander Deputy director of Kinderfonds

Fostering Cross-functional Collaboration

Focus on data consolidation was the primary goal for both organizations. This would foster better communication between houses and the Kinderfond. It was important to migrate the data in such a way that would keep the Kinderfond distinctly separate from the houses. Xebia facilitated a phased implementation of Salesforce while employing a “boots on the ground” strategy, which proved integral to the success of the operation. It ensured that all houses received the training necessary to implement Salesforce with ease. Any questions could be directed to Xebia’s experts who provided around-the-clock support. With its new IT infrastructure, Kinderfond can now automate customer journeys and donations through an integrated Outlook email protocol. 

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