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Kynetec Improves Automation, Cuts Processing Times by a Quarter

The leading agricultural research organization moved to serverless architecture, allowing data analysts more time to improve the company product

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Kynetec delivers world-leading market research to the agricultural sector. The company prides itself on providing best-in-class technologies and methodologies, building on a long history of continuous innovation. 

Since 2002 Kynetec has helped companies around the world understand the dynamics of their marketplace, turning research into business opportunities and enabling clients to create winning strategies. All while keeping the highest, consistent standards in terms of quality, timeliness, privacy, integrity, and compliance. Its expertise covers topics from animal genetics to water management and everything in between.

Data analysts spent too much time on manual data processing, and not enough on actual analysis
Kynetec modernized its platform to go serverless with Amazon Web Services
Data is processed four times quicker, enabling analysts to focus on expanding Kynetec’s knowledge base

Expanding Knowledge With Big Data Automation

Kynetec processes large amounts of raw information from a variety of data sources to create industry reports for its clients. Working with big data sets, to some extent manually, was taking up a great deal of analysts’ time, leading to more meaningful tasks being delayed.

The company had already implemented a minimum viable product (MVP) to learn more about how automation could impact operations. Kynetec decided to expand this new solution to its data processing platform, aiming to free up analysts to expand the company’s industry knowledge and elevate its market standing.

AWS: A Modern Data Processing Platform

The initial MVP had used a cloud-managed SQL database service as the main data processing platform. With Xebia’s assistance Kynetec transitioned this to the fully managed Amazon S3 storage service, using AWS Lambda’s serverless features where feasible to minimize the server resource footprint. 

To enable raw data to be cleaned significantly faster and more efficiently, a modern data pipeline via AWS Glue was implemented, with AWS RDS for PostgreSQL providing the scalable relational database needed to free up analysts from managing time-consuming tasks and focus on richer insights.

“Xebia played a pivotal role in automating and enhancing our data pipelines. Their value-driven approach ensured changes were prioritized where they would be most significant. Their bite-sized proof of concepts made sure all architecture and solutions meet our goals.”
Shahbaz Hafeez Senior Director: Software Development, Kynetec

Quicker Processing Provides Competitive Edge

After implementing the transition to the AWS Cloud Services, Kynetec was able to use managed Apache Spark clusters to parallel process its big data, improving the efficiency, speed and complexity of the data processing platform. 

Average raw data processing times were reduced by 77%, meaning analysts can get to work quicker on drawing out richer insights for Kynetec’s intelligence reports, diving ever deeper into the data. This ever-expanding knowledge base makes Kynetec an invaluable resource within the agricultural sector.

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