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Hospitality Industry Goes Cloud-First With Foodback

Norwegian startup helps businesses manage feedback in real-time cloud-based hospitality app hosted on AWS

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Foodback is a Norwegian start-up whose flagship product is an innovative service industry application. It encourages restaurant patrons to give feedback on multiple aspects of their dining experience while allowing them to easily manage their bill payments. The feedback creates highly valuable insights for restaurant managers, chefs, and chain management. Foodback’s founders engaged experts in the restaurant industry to develop a specialized guest feedback solution that is fast and fun for guests, paired with a powerful insight platform for restaurants.

Foodback wanted to expand its app with cloud-based hosting
The company built microservices architecture on AWS to process its data
The app provides a seamless customer experience while providing restaurants with valuable feedback

Adopting the Cloud for Live Customer Feedback

Foodback was developed from the idea that fast, discrete diner feedback for restaurants was more relevant to receive and easier for customers to provide.

The company wanted to move to a cloud-first strategy to expand its product’s innovative functionalities. The unique concept aimed to create an application that would gather genuine customer feedback for restaurant management while it’s still fresh, with fast response rates and high engagement.

Foodback knew it would take time to find in-house expertise in Norway, so it looked for an overseas partner to assist with the implementation.

A Scalable and Highly-Available Solution

Foodback decided to build a microservices architecture hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), with Xebia providing a full team of developers, a project manager and a business analyst for the project.

The infrastructure would be scalable, highly available, and extensible so that the app could easily process large amounts of live data with guaranteed stability and reliability. The system’s immutable design would protect against the loss of data, so it could be aggregated even if one of the components stopped working.

The entire delivery process was automated which helped to easily deploy, manage and scale the containerized cloud-hosted applications. AWS Lambda was utilized to ensure that Foodback only pays for the resources it uses.

“We have established a skilled team that does a great job in converting our ideas, prototypes and specifications into a real and highly-scalable solution. We have a platform that is highly flexible, future-proof, with a predictable and low monthly cost.”
Daniel Chaibi Chief Technical Officer, Foodback

One-Of-A-Kind Management Tool

The project went live within five months and was immediately providing a seamless user experience, demonstrating a ninety-six percent customer response rate. Additional customer functionalities were included such as mobile bill payment, and the app is extremely reliable, being able to easily handle disconnection and network issues.

Restaurant managers have access to live customer feedback, while chains can easily compare the quality of all their restaurants. The intelligent survey engine provides a high-level overview of feedback along with detailed recommendations for each establishment.

The high levels of customer responses and the detailed business intelligence available, both thanks to the AWS integration, have made Foodback a one-of-a-kind customer feedback tool for restaurants.

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