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Felyx: Optimizing Reliability and Performance With a Google Cloud Landing Zone

Felyx, the ambitious Dutch e-moped company, collaborated with Xebia to improve the performance, reliability, and security of its Felyx Back Office (FEBO) application by implementing a Xebia Base Cloud Landing Zone

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Felyx is an innovative Dutch scale-up with ambitious plans for more sustainable and shared urban transport. It offers sustainable, shared urban transport solutions. Its mission is to provide a compact, reliable, and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation to keep cities livable for everyone. Urbanization is rising and air quality is deteriorating. Its mission is to offer a compact, shared, and sustainable mode of transportation to keep the city livable for everyone. Felyx wanted a secure and reliable cloud platform compliant with the latest industry standard and best practices. As the organization scales up, the requirements of the platform increase exponentially. More engineers are working on the platform, and more data is processed.

Felyx wanted to improve performance. As the organization scales up, the requirements of the platform increase exponentially
Felyx asked Xebia to design and implement a secure and reliable cloud platform compliant with the latest industry standard and best practices
Following cloud-native best practices, Xebia implemented a Base Cloud Landing Zone on Google Cloud

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

Felyx and Xebia started the collaboration in June 2021. It began with a Cloud Control Review to assess felyx’s setup and scope of potential challenges. The review highlighted a few improvements that could benefit the performance of felyx’s platforms. In order to do so, felyx collaborated with Xebia to deliver a brand new Xebia Base Cloud Landing Zone which leverages the latest Google Cloud native services as well as new data pipelines following best practices.

Significant Improvements

in Performance, Reliability, and Security
The collaboration with Xebia has been invaluable. The performance, reliability, and security of our Back Office application have significantly improved. Together, we've established a strong foundation for continuous improvement and future growth
Arthur Bloemen Head of Product and Technology at Felyx

New Landing Zone for Better Capabilities

The project was divided into two tracks; application and data.
    The team responsible for creating a brand new landing zone included Martijn van de Grift and Simon Karman. Their objective was to construct a new platform capable of deploying felyx's applications. To ensure adherence to best practices, the two Xebia consultants implemented several measures, including setting up a new Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, establishing a new and private SQL database, implementing a more secure identity access manager (IaM), configuring private networking, and optimizing the cluster for GKE and SQL to reduce costs.
    The data track was led by Diederik Greveling and Lasse Benninga, who shared a similar focus to the application track. These two Xebia consultants also adhered to best practices throughout their work. In fact, they leveraged the blueprint created by the application track and applied it to the data domain. Alongside following best practices, the data team concentrated on two key objectives: simplifying data pipelines by implementing DBT within the new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) platform and enhancing GDPR compliance.

Improvement in Performance and Reliability

Xebia made considerable changes to both the application and the data to allow felyx to thrive in its field and expand internationally. The main results are: 

Best Practices

By following best practices both for the new Google Cloud infrastructure and for data, Xebia created a successful blueprint for future implementation. The simplification and automation of certain processes allowed felyx to rely on 3 or 4 services rather than 15, facilitating daily tasks. In addition, the application was tested and migrated to the test, staging, and production environments. Therefore the platform was optimized and used Google Native services. Data architecture also sped up the time to market (TMT). Additionally, because of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), the platform can deliver tested software quicker. By improving performance, reliability, roles, and permissions and by optimizing the database, the scalability of the application also improved. 


The application and data domains both strengthened the platform’s security. The improved GDPR compliance increased general data protection regulation. The roles and permissions are simpler to use, having fewer manual steps to complete. The private network gives an additional layer of protection against network breaches. In addition, the database was made private. This means only the people with access can make changes, further decreasing the risk of a breach.


Optimizing the GKE cluster and the SQL database reduced the structural costs. This means lower costs in terms of maintaining and managing the platform.

Strong Foundation for Continuous Improvement

In conclusion, the collaboration between felyx and Xebia has led to significant improvements in the performance, reliability, and security of Felyx’s Back Office application. By following best practices, Xebia has created a successful blueprint for future implementation, simplifying processes and reducing costs. The project has also increased GDPR compliance, strengthened the platform’s security, and improved the scalability of the application. As Felyx continues to scale up, its partnership with Xebia has laid a strong foundation for continuous innovation and improvement in the future. The Xebia Base Cloud Landing Zone has been engineered based on years of experience and cloud-native best practices. For more information about this tailored-to-fit solution, please visit the Xebia Base Cloud Landing Zone page.


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