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Customer Story

Dutch Foundation Shines A Light on Recovery with New Platform

Vrienden van de Hoop, a foundation for addiction and mental health in the Netherlands, successfully upgrades its fundraising software and CRM to reach, and so help, more people
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The Vrienden van De Hoop (Friends of Hope) is a Dutch nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping those with addiction or psychological problems to recover and build a new life. The foundation was started in 1977 to support De Hoop, a Christian mental health organization with headquarters in Dordrecht. De Hoop provides expert care and assistance to those in need. The Vrienden van de Hoop also supports several other organizations including Centrum voor Pastorale Counseling (CPC), Stichting Chris, and Stichting Voorkom. It also partners with many churches, businesses, and schools throughout the Netherlands. The foundation acts as the fundraising, organizational, and sponsorship arm of De Hoop.

Upgrade existing IT infrastructure to meet new needs
Choose and implement the most optimal software and CRM platform
Employ Salesforce to help funnel data and broaden fundraising efforts

Finding the Perfect Work Software

The Vrienden van de Hoop’s primary organizational IT platform consisted of a Microsoft-based fundraising application which had become outdated for the foundation’s needs. Without vendor support, the foundation needed a new dedicated and centralized platform that would integrate the components and functionality best suited for its day-to-day operations. To add to its technical dilemmas, Vrienden van de Hoop’s CRM was also tied with two other organizations, and this needed to be unbundled. With knowledge of Xebia’s past work with other nonprofits, Vrienden van de Hoop reached out for support in determining its next steps. Under Xebia’s guidance, the nonprofit was able to choose an IT environment that met its needs.

Between Two Platforms

The best solution to meet Vrienden van de Hoop’s objectives came down to a choice between local CRM provider Ifunds and Salesforce. Both companies provided interactive workshops and presented project proposals outlining core competencies and strengths. Salesforce, with its flexible platform and range of tools, ultimately won. Its integrated CRM platform and powerful technology easily gave Vrienden de Hoop what it needed to unbundle and onboard with plenty of features and workflows to get things done faster.

“Xebia keeps its promise in the implementation of our new fundraising solution. They work professionally, communicate well and think along with us very much!”
Vrienden van de hoop
Axel Pothof CEO Foundation Vrienden van de Hoop

A Strategy Fit for Non-Profits

Working to implement a new CRM in Salesforce was not without surprises. The idea was to split the project in two: unbundling the previous CRM and organization (CPC) and actually onboarding with Salesforce. However, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown hit the week of the project launch. Since none of the department heads could attend in person and receive all the information and training they needed, Xebia assembled a virtual kickoff instead. Cloud Start used in tandem with Salesforce’s nonprofit cloud provided a broad overview and roadmap. Not only could the organization gain insight into its impact but it could also reach more people.

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