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Connected Vehicle Data Company Improves Engineering Capabilities

A global connected vehicle data company added to its data engineering capabilities and took actions to improve the cost-performance of various projects
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The client is a global leader in Smart Mobility cloud and software solutions for connected, electric, and autonomous vehicle data.

The company builds products that take real-time vehicle telemetry data (e.g., lat-long, sensors, etc.) and transforms it into meaningful insights for better town planning, road safety, and logistics.

Build and adapt to growing B2B needs
Build out, improve, and secure massive amounts of data processing across their tools and OEM vehicle partner integrations
New tech stack, new processes, and novel solutions

Adapting to Growing Needs

The client had a variety of products they needed to build and adapt to growing B2B and consumer needs. Each product came with its own set of challenges, from selecting the right tech stack, finding solutions for testing, and implementing systems capable of handling massive amounts of data while maintaining privacy and compliance regulations.

Expert Integration

Xebia assigned multiple engineers into each project team working in conjunction with the client’s engineers to build out, improve, and secure massive amounts of data across their tools and partner integrations.

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