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Altrecht Quickly Adapts to Treating Patients from Home Using Chromebooks

Mental health care provider enabled to treat patients remotely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting Chromebooks

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Altrecht is a specialist mental health care provider aimed at people with more serious psychiatric illnesses. While basic mental health care is also provided by general practitioners or the Dutch health care system, if this help is not sufficient, patients can be treated (further) at Altrecht. The mental health care institution supports around 25,000 patients annually from its locations in Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Zeist, Den Dolder, and Woerden (among others) and employs around 2700 people.

Need to treat mental health patients remotely during the pandemic
Quickly adopt new tools to provide secure patient treatment from home
Equip staff with pre-configured Chromebooks and migrate to Google Workspace

Short on Equipment and Suddenly Working From Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Netherlands, many employees at Dutch mental health care institution Altrecht suddenly had to start working from home. This meant that employees had to support their patients via telephone and video contact. There was one crucial problem: there appeared to be a major shortage of workplace equipment with the right specifications, such as a camera and a microphone. Other challenges included how to guarantee patient privacy and how to get new laptops to employees' homes.

Enabling Quality Patient Treatment from Home

Altrecht needed a tool that could support its web-based E-health platform and one-on-one or group meetings with patients, as well as communication tools such as email and calendars. The mental healthcare provider also wanted to be able to make its electronic patient records web-based. Of course, all these functionalities needed to be secure to protect patient privacy. The new tool also needed to be easy to use so that Altrecht employees could get back to work and focus on treating patients. Xebia recommended purchasing Chromebooks as a solution that checked all the boxes.

“Chromebooks are easy to operate, safe, start up very quickly, and are always connected to the 4G network. They enable us to work carefree and secure on location and at home. They were a great recommendation and have made life easier for Altrecht treatment employees than it was before the pandemic.”
Dieter van Grinsven Project Manager, Computerization

Easy to Use and Ready for Remote Work

Xebia viewed Chromebooks as a sensible choice since it could support Altrecht’s current tools and enable new (or improved) functionalities through Google Workspace applications. Xebia also explained how privacy can be guaranteed with a Chromebook through ChromeOS, which can encrypt local and external connections. Lastly, Xebia and Acer teamed up to arrange a “white gloves service” which allowed the companies to deliver fully configured Chromebooks to the homes of Altrecht employees by parcel post, packed with instructions and ready to use at home in a few simple steps.

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