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Chromebooks Enhance Quality of Healthcare Provided by Aafje

Healthcare provider Aafje realized that staying a top employer requires innovation. Therefore, Aafje has decided to start deploying Google Cloud technology
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Aafje is a healthcare provider with over 6,500 employees, focussing on elderly care in the Netherlands (mostly centered around Rotterdam area). Aafje offers a variety of services, like housing, revalidation and home care. Furthermore, Aafje organizes local social activities, like daytime activities.

 Maintain high quality healthcare 
Simplify work processes and ease remote access
Ditch legacy software and move to the Google ecosystem

Staying on Top Requires Innovation

Quality of healthcare and services is top priority at Aafje: the bar is set high regarding clients, employees and volunteers. And they do well: in 2019, Aafje won the prize of best healthcare employer of the year in the Netherlands. A great reward, but Aafje realized that staying on top requires innovation. That's why healthcare provider Aafje is making huge steps in their innovation process, by offering so-called web-based workplaces to all 6,500 employees.

“Google was a good fit for us. We have total confidence in the cooperation with Xebia to deploy these big changes successfully.”
Aafje Logo
Peter Ploegsma Board member at Aafje

Scalability & Security

In order to facilitate this, Aafje has opted for the technology of Google Cloud. Xebia helped Aafje to ditch their legacy software. Hence, the IT infrastructure became much more scalable and secure. Furthermore, employees are now able to work remotely and location-independent and do not have to depend on a single device.

“Our employees had the opportunity to indicate what they found important, for instance Single Sign-On, cooperating online in documents, searching easier and faster - mostly regarding intranet - and to make working from home more accessible. Google was a great fit for us.”
Aafje logo
Peter Ploegsma Board member at Aafje

Incremental Steps

The initial process was to move to Google’s Mail & Agenda. Thereafter, the file servers were migrated to Google Drive. Thirdly, the rest of the architecture was transferred to the Google Cloud Platform. Google Chromebooks were already deployed at that moment. David Saris (Xebia): “We are very proud that Aafje has opted for us. It is an honor that we are in the position where we can help a great healthcare provider like Aafje by empowering them with cloud technology.”

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