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Customer Story

95% Boost in Efficiency with Release Management Automation

Xebia supports leading entertainment conglomerate shorten demand-to-value chain and boost business agility

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About the Client

The client is a leading international family entertainment and media enterprise. Their diverse business also includes entertainment parks, experiences, products, as well as media and entertainment distribution; and producing content for DTC, theatrical and linear platforms.

Understanding the Challenge

The entertainment brand was struggling to speed up its release management process, which suffered from a lack of automation and huge dependencies on manual labor. This impacted their ability to constantly evolve and improve their offerings in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones in the highly competitive entertainment industry. They were struggling with managing the integration of development, testing, release, and ongoing support of their digital apps.

Release management has played a critical function in the client organization, but it has been hindered by manual processes and legacy, error-prone systems.
We had to simplify and optimize the migration from on premise to AWS cloud; and also help build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for a variety of applications and workloads.
Xebia helped the client plan, track, orchestrate, and release complex optimized applications, resulting in improved user experience and faster deployment of the client’s digital apps

Xebia’s Strategy and Solution

Xebia Lab’s product line (XL-Release) enabled onboarding of the entertainment brand’s digital apps to drive automation of change ticket creation and release automation. Our objective was to unify and automate deployment processes and release task lists, and provide a reliable business environment by decreasing the number of resources needed for release management, thus lowering the time and cost involved.

Xebia created multiple pre-defined templates to automate various types of changes using integration with ServiceNow. We also enabled automated publishing of release statistics, audit/tracking and dashboarding, to deliver consistent experiences across channels.



Xebia helped the client boost efficiency by integrating release management with tools like Slack, Jenkins, ServiceNow, Teams, and JIRA. We helped ensure successful releases and deployment of any changes into the production environment with minimal disruption to ongoing functions.

With Xebia’s continuous automation strategy, the client was able to boost operational efficiency and get tangible results including:

  •  95% lesser time for each change ticket creation
  •  Overall saving of four hours per digital release by eradicating more than 80% of manual effort
  • Saving of 2400 hours annually just on the release automation using XL-Release
  •  Enhanced efficiency, speed, visibility, and quality of the end-to-end application release management process

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