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Customer Story

65% Reduction in Deal Approval Process with Automation

Iconic film studio revamps its product lineup and automates business processes at scale for better user experience

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About the Client

The client is one of the world’s oldest film studios in the US and is involved in the production and distribution of feature films and television programs.

Understanding the Challenge

The studio wanted to digitize and revamp its business processes to build a systematic way of tracking options and deals. As a production studio, the client deals with a large number of digital files and content. They needed an end-to-end data flow across all systems and an error-free deal handling process that would ensure everything was accurate.

With full dependence on manual effort and lack of automation, the client’s deal management process was prolonged, error-prone and tedious.
The studio’s deal management process was quite hefty and had to be shortened by applying business process automation at scale.
Xebia automated the order lifecycle process and accelerated the creation, negotiation, and processing of orders without compromising quality and control.

Xebia’s Strategy and Solution

To begin with, Xebia scaled the project offshore, providing the client with best-in-class Java, Salesforce, UI/UX, data engineering, DevOps and testing capabilities. We helped the film studio streamline its workflow processes for deal memos and change order lifecycle from deal submission to approval. They could now capture relevant data points in a structured fashion and enhance user experience.

Xebia also automated the studio’s business processes and enabled a systematic way of tracking options deals by providing notification on expiring deals. We revamped their existing tool to make it easier for users to search titles based on territories, languages, media, etc. Today the tool handles more than 50,000 combinations in one go.


Our effective automation order management helped the studio reduce manual work, improve visibility, and accelerate negotiation cycles to streamline business processes and deliver benefits such as:

  • More than 65% reduction in the overall time involved in approving a deal – previously this took four to six weeks and was brought down to just 15 days!
  • User experience was transformed by revamping the products and automating, previously manual, business processes

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