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Customer Story

360° Digital Platform for Relationship Managers Boosts Business, Improves UX

State-of-the-art platform integrated seamlessly with the bank’s infrastructure, allowing them to focus on the customer experience and profitable growth while we did all the backend heavy lifting
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Client Description

This Indian private sector bank operates more than 1100 branches across the country and has an asset base of $34 billion and 24,000 employees. They offer a wide range of differentiated products for corporate, SME and retail customers through retail banking and asset managementservices. The bank has focussed on growing its digital presence.

Understanding the Challenge

Keeping in line with their mission to establish a high-quality, customer-centric, service-driven, bank catering to the ‘Future Businesses of India’, the bank wanted to modernize and revamp their legacy relationship management platform. They wanted the platform to be user-friendly, feature-rich and an active contributor to sales growth.

We developed a cloud-native intuitive web and mobile relationship manager interface
Xebia has proven experience in enhancing the overall experience for banks as well as their customers by applying a suite of digital tools, AI and cloud technology
We designed and built a comprehensive relationship platform that would streamline sales operations and customer management, and increase the overall experience

Xebia’s Strategy and Solution

Xebia’s domain experts understand that banks today are under continuous pressure from competition and need to work harder to get customer mindshare. So, when the client wanted to revamp their relationship management platform, we clearly understood their requirements and recommended a cloud-native intuitive web and mobile relationship management (RM) platform that would help the bank build long-lasting customer relationships. The project started with a detailed Discovery and Design Sprint to capture the bank’s critical user journeys. This helped Xebia’s team as well as the bank to prioritize features for the RM platform. The project involved complete re-architecting of the bank’s existing legacy system to a cloud-based microservices driven web mobile platform.

The new RM platform was equipped with a unified dashboard with intelligent reporting to help the bank’s Relationship Managers kickstart their day efficiently. They could easily prioritize tasks, identify warm leads, and move leads further into the funnel to better meet their sales targets. Supervisors of Relationship Managers could track performance and set sales targets, while ensuring productivity enhancements throughout the RM lifecycle. The dashboard also offered supervisors several insights-led intelligent recommendations to cross-sell and up-sell a variety of products and services.

A unique feature of the RM platform developed by Xebia was the multitude of microservices it carried. These microservices included customer profiling, customer demographics, recommendations, lead generation, and task assignment, among many others. Xebia enabled easy integration with the bank’s CRM, loan system, and the other enterprise system that consume these services.

In addition to this, we also created a native mobile app with features like geofencing, camera document upload, in-app notifications, offline data sync, dynamic form creation for cases, tasks, leads, prospects, and biometric authentication.


The RM platform had been designed to be extremely user-friendly and to simplify the everyday tasks of relationship managers. They could easily calculate the customer-value score which helped them better track and predict typical behaviors like ‘large money withdrawals’, ‘frequent account transfers’ etc. We also automated the testing and deployment process for faster introduction of new features.

The overall user experience – for both Relationship Managers and their customers – improved with new features such as analytical insights, productivity tracker, and intelligent customer-value tracking. The number of lead conversions went up because now Relationship Managers could cross-sell and/or upsell based on real insights. Moreover, the platform helped increase customer engagement by allowing Relationship Managers to respond faster and more accurately to customer concerns by offering them timely, data-driven insights.

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