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Van Lanschot Uses Digital Transformation To Build Resilient, Future-Proof Operations

The oldest independent bank in the Netherlands, Van Lanschot, gets a full digital makeover, complete a new infrastructure-bolstering cloud platform
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Van Lanschot is the oldest independent bank in the Netherlands and one of the oldest financial institutions in the world. With a history dating back to 1737, the specialist wealth manager offers private banking, asset management, and merchant banking services. Van Lanschot is its private banking arm.

Rapidly changing customer needs demand new levels of service and interaction
Build an effective, 24/7 omnichannel presence with innovative means and technologies
Upgrading infrastructure to a hybrid cloud model, ensuring security and efficiency

Performance and Fluidity

Although Van Lanschot is the Netherlands’ oldest independent bank, its business was being upended by newer, more digitally-driven competitors. The banking landscape had changed considerably. In response, Xebia provided Landschot with an offer the bank couldn’t refuse: an end-to-end digital transformation. The first order of business was building a hybrid cloud environment that would ensure banking security with an enhanced digital infrastructure that could perform twice as fast as before. Once the infrastructure was there, the bank could then focus on developing its omnichannel presence across multiple platforms to better engage with its customers and meet their constantly changing needs.

Innovative Products and Premium Options

When Van Lanschot first embarked on this journey, Director David Versteeg remarked, “We started with a vision of the desired situation in a few years’ time, but the challenge is how to actually achieve this.” Van Lanschot provides value through a deep understanding of its individual customers. To translate this into digital products and solutions tailored to its clients’ unique needs, the bank consulted with Xebia. Together, they created a complete 360-degree view platform, with dynamic functionality and a secure and stable back-end. The platform was built to easily manage customer accounts and touchpoints in one place. The resulting omnichannel presence allowed Van Lanschot to continue with its tradition of personalized advising.

“The new Digital Platform and all its tooling doesn’t only change the perspectives for Van Lanschot and its clients. The increased productivity, rapid time to market and the clear delegation of responsibility makes Van Lanschot a very attractive employer.”
van Lanschot
David Versteeg Director of Digital and Innovation

Increased Productivity

Van Lanschot’s vision was accomplished with a two-fold plan: moving a majority of its infrastructure to Azure and building its digital platform. The platform is data-driven, currently in a hybrid cloud configuration allowing for developing new products and scaling quickly. Xebia initiated a two-speed architecture implementation so that all teams and systems could align in a suitable time frame. Business teams are multidisciplinary and work together with DevOps on new products. With a clear delegation of tasks and collaboration, there’s even more room for innovation. Finally, automation provided by Azure’s cloud environment allows employees more freedom to focus on customers' needs.

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