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Elevating User Experience for Thriving Dutch Data Startup

Established DevOps and enhanced the software development lifecycle
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In search of a way to offer its users and employees more transparency and autonomy without compromising security, Vitaalbank turned to Xebia for help. By updating its technology and introducing its teams to DevOps, Xebia has given this thriving Dutch data startup exactly what it was looking for.

VitaalBank aims to offer its users and employees more transparency without compromising security
Implemented DevOps
Front-end revisions, DevOps practices, and Cloud-Native Software Development


Located in the heart of the Netherlands is VitaalBank, a Dutch startup on a mission to give citizens complete control over their healthcare data. In 2019, VitaalBank started to lay the foundations of its platform — a hub for personal healthcare data that enables citizens to control which data is collected, where it’s stored and whom it’s shared with.

Elevating the User and Developer Experience

VitaalBank’s request was threefold. First, the company wished to provide users with real-time visibility into their healthcare data; where it is stored and with whom it is shared, to ensure maximum transparency. Second, it wanted a secure and intuitive identity management system that was fast and to the point. Third, it wanted to give developers more autonomy per lifecycle value stream, while staying secure and compliant.

By combining our input with their technical expertise, Xebia came up with great ideas and valuable proposals. For example, implementing DevOps in a way that suits us boosted team autonomy. In addition, they played a vital role in expanding and maturing our Kubernetes setup.

Dirk Louwers Product Development and Operations Lead VitaalBank


The startup previously enjoyed working with Xebia on designing the platform. So, when looking for a partner to help with this particular set of requests, Xebia was the obvious choice.

"Both Robert and Thijs were excellent at sharing knowledge, and raising awareness among our developers. Our team was happy to work with them because they are very easy to get along with. They are extremely passionate, patient and great at making value tangible."

— Andres Arias, Software Engineering Lead at VitaalBank

Four Focus Areas 

The collaboration between VitaalBank and Xebia focused on the following four areas:

  1. Front-end revisions, including an Atomic Design System, Cypress visual component testing, Storybook for working closely with UX designers, and a migration from Angular to VueJS aimed to expedite the rollout of new features, enhance the website’s performance, and support ongoing innovation.
  2. To improve the security and transparency of the platform, Xebia delivered a solution based on microservices with a distributed architecture.
  3. Xebia helped VitaalBank work in a DevOps manner with zero data security concerns.
  4. By getting Cloud-Native Software Development right, Xebia’s team aimed to help VitaalBank release more frequently, accelerate its time-to-market and increase scalability and flexibility.

VitaalBank’s Website Performance is up by 30%


  • VitaalBank’s website performance is up by 30%.

"It’s said that losing 100 ms of your website speed equals the potential to lose 1% business, so realizing a 30%-time gain is really quite significant." — Thijs Limmen, consultant Xebia

  • Introducing DevOps resulted in more autonomous teams with a new mindset.
  • Collaboration has improved, with a focus on proactive knowledge sharing.
  • A strong and valuable feedback loop is in place to accelerate the launch of new features.
  • A brand-new development process increased business agility, scalability, productivity, and shortened the company’s time-to-market.
  • Teams have a better understanding of security and compliance, as this was crucial before giving them more responsibility and autonomy.
  • The new way of working is more fun! Which supports talent retention and prevents knowledge from flowing from the business.

"Xebia helped us move forward, accelerated the progress we made, shared tons of valuable knowledge, and today, we’re in a good place to continue the great work ourselves." — Andres Arias

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