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Used-Car Webshop — 100% Online — Powers Up Its Digital Platform

Bynco (Buy Your Next Car Online) implements Power BI to extract information and gain clearer insight for faster, data-driven decision-making.

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Utrecht-based startup Bynco (Buy Your Next Car Online) strives to sell second-hand cars in an easy, transparent, and trustworthy way — 100% online. Buyers choose a car through the company’s online webshop that is then delivered directly to their doors. By guaranteeing the right car, for the right price, with the right service, Bynco unburdens its customers from the traditional used-car buying process.

Quickly extract information from finance, operations, and sales data to make faster, data-driven decisions.
Provision a platform that aggregates all data for advanced analytics and clearer insight.
Empower employees to make informed, data-based decisions with Power BI tooling that provides relevant, near real-time insights

Scattered Data Delays Decisions

As a 100% online web shop, data plays a critical role in Bynco’s day-to-day operations. “We have about 10,000 cars on our platform, so the potential for insight over many metrics is available,” explained Calvin Companjen, chief operations officer at Bynco. However, to be useful enough to drive decisions, the data needed to be correlated into standardized reports. Because the massive amount of available data was scattered across the company’s different departments and digital platforms, that task was just too time-consuming. Bynco needed to become a more streamlined, data-driven company and chose to work with Xebia to this end.

Integrate Data to Quickly Extract Information

As a digital-only organization without any in-house stock of its own, Bynco collaborated closely with its partners — traditional, location-based car dealers — to quickly match customer demand with supply. It used several data sources to achieve this, including the supplier’s online stock, as well as internal operational, financial, and sales data. The problem was integrating all this information quickly enough to gain insights for making fast, data-driven decisions. Bynco needed to have (near) real-time reports that allowed all employees to quickly extract the information they needed. The company chose Xebia to provision a platform for them that would aggregate all data, for advanced analytics and clearer insight.

“Our collaboration with Xebia was very easy and relaxed. They clearly explained their way of working and documented everything properly. We now feel confident enough to add new features in the future ourselves.”
Calvin Companjen Chief Operating Officer at Bynco

The approach

Niels Zeilemaker, chief of technology at Xebia Data and AI began the collaboration with Bynco by implementing a data accelerator, deployed by Xebia Solutions. By making use of ready-made templates written in Terraform (infrastructure as a code) and CI/CD pipelines, this infrastructure could be deployed rapidly in the Azure Cloud. The templates were modified to adhere to the client’s requirements, including naming conventions, security requirements, and data governance requirements. The focus was on extracting all relevant data, transforming it into usable insights, and loading it into the visualization tools. The defined use cases focused mainly on finance and operations, resulting in the connection of both Exact Online as well as the operational database from Bynco to the data warehouse. 

Jovan Gligorevic, an analytics engineer at Xebia, worked closely with Bynco to execute the defined use cases. They built data models in Power BI that calculated the KPIs and metrics and visualized them in (near) real-time dashboards. 

The outcome

According to Bynco COO Companjen, the new data platform, and the subsequent use case execution resulted in faster, easier, better, data-driven decision-making. Relevant insights are now shared on big screens throughout the office, visible to all employees, bringing more awareness of the current status. 

By bringing data and insights closer to the business, Bynco now provides a perfect example of data democratization.

Bram Ochsendorf, lead data scientist at Xebia said, “Data democratization increases the usage of data assets, uncovers new opportunities with data, and improves existing data operations. All this expedites decision making and facilitates the creation of business value.”  

Are you interested in a Xebia Base data platform or want to know more about data democratization, please contact Diederik Greveling (Chief Technology Officer - Xebia Cloud & Data Solutions).

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