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TJIP Targets Top Functionality— Migrates to New Cloud Platform

Smart platform developer accelerates functionality with tiered migration to Azure DevOps

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Known as “The Platform Engineers,” TJIP is an IT company specializing in creating high-end smart platforms within the financial sector. The Dutch company focuses on the development, investment, and exploitation of these platforms either in tandem with customers, partners, or under its management entirely. Its most popular product, the TJIP Smart Platform caters to the mortgage, real estate, insurance, and financial planning industries. The platform offers financial insights and data to create clear customer journeys. TJIP and its international team has its headquarters in Delft, the Netherlands.

Meet the needs of a growing customer base
Move to the Azure DevOps platforms for more functionality
Implementing a tiered rollout of the migration journey

Ensuring Business Continuity

TJIP was growing faster than its IT architecture could handle. The number of applications it was creating needed more updates and continuous optimization. Keeping up with its smart platform capabilities required its own platform upgrade. In this case, TJIP opted to move to Azure DevOps from its previous platform Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The move required the expertise, knowledge, and guidance that Xebia could provide. System engineer Raymon van Tunen said of the situation: “Before we started we didn’t know how much assistance we would need. And what’s more, we wanted to be flexible concerning the moment we would do all the work ourselves. The multi-ride ticket arrangement offered by Xebia, therefore, seemed an attractive solution.”

Build to Grow and Innovate

TFS-Azure Migration involved revising the company’s approach. As a software development company, TJIP usually handled IT matters itself, however this time, it turned to Xebia and let its experts lead the way. Xebia offered TJIP consultancy through a contractual baseline for on-call support. This proved to be both cost-effective and efficient. With the flexibility to contact Xebia through a multi-ride ticket, Xebia was able to work with TJIP through the problems encountered and provide the support it needed to accomplish the migration. In the end, TJIP was largely able to perform the migrations using its own teams with advice from Xebia.

“Because the number of applications we develop has increased rapidly over the years, the process of keeping them up-to-date had become too time-consuming. We needed more efficient tooling that could automate a large part of this process, so a migration to Azure DevOps was a self-evident step.”
Raymon van Tunen Support and System Engineer

Step-by-Step Migration

Future-proofing TJIP’s business by moving to Azure DevOps brought together its various teams in ways they hadn’t experienced before. It was a new learning experience. While Xebia analyzed the situation and provided a game plan, the TJIP team did much of the heavy lifting. The migration process started with many of TJIP’s apps. Because Xebia provided the framework, it was just a matter of finding the time for the team to complete the migration process. The team was able to perform the first two migrations themselves. Since migrating, Azure’s feature-rich environment made deploying TJIP’s apps easier than ever.

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