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Retail Giant Accelerates Its Time to Market for Product Release

Retailer builds an easy-to-use and flexible web-based application for improved collaboration and quicker new product launch

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The client is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in England.

Understanding the Challenge

The retailer was relying on Excel sheets and emails for its product release management cycle. These manual processes hampered collaboration amongst stakeholders, were error-prone, and lead to a high time to market.

Client’s existing processes for new product launch were manual and error-prone leading to high time to market
Improve its release management cycle for a faster time to market
Transition from manual processes to an automated web-based application for new product launch

Xebia’s Strategy and Solution

As a part of the digital transformation strategy for the retail giant, Xebia developed a flexible, easy-to-use web application for portfolio managers to collaborate with suppliers/partners and to launch, induct and append products quickly as per client’s business needs and product standards.

Technology Used

Java Script, Node JS, MongoDB, Apigee, React, GraphQ

  • The Xebia Team built a centralized global online application that could handle the entire lifecycle of product launch from ideation, design, discussion to market rollout.
  • An entire workflow was developed to cater to requirements of product launch, including ideating a product, reviewing, setting meetings, approvals, rejecting products, adding suppliers, and more.
  • Access level permissions were defined at each level to maintain the entire product workflow for suppliers and portfolio managers operating from different geographies.
  • UI was developed using JavaScript - React/Redux framework, which uses GraphQL for data query and is deployed on the Nginx server. All business logics were exposed to the client's enterprise services that were deployed on cloud as Microservice and exposed via Apigee.
  • The team also implemented considerable automation at various levels to make the deployment, testing, and release of the web application seamless.
  • Implemented industry standard coding guidelines such as unit testing, linting.

“As soon as the foundation of the new e-commerce platform was laid out, a data team of internal specialists and data scientists began developing personalized algorithms to help us analyze our customers’ behavior. We gained a better understanding and insight into individual customer needs right away, including ideas for products our customer had not thought of before.”
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Marketing Technology Manager


  • Accelerated time to market for product release from months to weeks.
  • Improved the estimation exercise of the product thereby improving the delivery in terms of quality and time.
  • Improved collaboration between suppliers and portfolio managers.

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