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Renewable Energy Leader Sets Benchmark for Innovation and Efficiency

VSB partnered with Xebia to develop its VSB Cloud project, designed to redefine project development in the energy sector with AI, automation, and data-driven insights.
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VSB Group is a leading international turnkey supplier in the field of renewable energy. The company develops, constructs, and operates renewable energy farms (solar, wind, and hydropower) and battery storage solutions as well as e-mobility solutions. 

Since its inception in 1996, VSB has been a pioneer in energy transition, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability and regional economic growth. 

Redefine project development in the energy sector
Transition from manual tasks with data accuracy challenges to an automated, AI-driven environment
The VSB Cloud project

Addressing Inefficiencies and Data Inconsistencies

The company significantly increased its capabilities for data-driven decision-making by addressing insufficient data accuracies. Many administrative routines without added value have been eliminated. 

VSB's project development historically involved disparate databases, manual data entries, and cleaning, as well as extensive Excel use, leading to inefficiencies and data inconsistencies.  

The goal was to transform this landscape into a unified, automated, and error-resistant platform. 

VSB Cloud 

An ambitious goal to redefine project development in the energy sector brought about a partnership between VSB and Xebia. The VSB Cloud project was developed to help the client address inefficiencies, data inconsistencies, and other issues they were experiencing related to project development processes. 

The VSB Cloud project marks a monumental shift from traditional, manual processes to a streamlined, data-driven approach. 

The collaboration with Xebia has seen us swiftly gain actionable results that directly advance our mission to build renewable energy assets even faster and more efficiently. By utilizing Microsoft technologies, we place innovation at the center of our development endeavors, which underscores our commitment to be at the forefront of the industry and create a cleaner and greener world – fast!” 

Felix Grolman VSB Group CEO

Harnessing the Power of Azure 

The VSB Cloud project is powered by state-of-the-art architecture utilizing the best of Microsoft Azure's ecosystem, including Microsoft Fabric, Dataverse, OpenAI Azure Services, and Power Platform. This integration enables an optimized data flow from input to analysis and back, ensuring a highly efficient and effective project management process.

The project features the innovative use of customized Canvas Power Apps for data entry, providing a high level of data consistency and validation while entering the project data. This is complemented by the use of Microsoft Fabric, a modern data architecture capable of handling both analytical requirements and complex financial mathematical calculations. The architecture uses a medallion architecture approach within Microsoft Fabric that facilitates the transformation of raw data into valuable insights, maximizing the value of the data collected.  

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