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Customer Story

Quby Increases Scalability with Continuous Integration Platform

Dutch software developer reduces testing time and minimizes downtime by embracing a new way of working

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Dutch start-up Quby is best known for its smart thermostat Toon, which puts people in charge of their homes by increasing awareness of energy consumption and costs. Acquired in 2015 by Eneco, a Dutch energy company active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Quby creates smart energy solutions for homes and offices across Europe.

Meet increasing demand by scaling up quickly
Develop a highly stable and scalable platform
Provide a continuous delivery and integration solution

New Work Method

To meet the demand for its popular smart thermostat Toon, Quby wanted to rapidly increase its user base from 200,000 users in 2015 to one million users by 2017. The company approached Xebia for help in developing a single, scalable and highly stable platform for all of its software development. Since the new platform would also include test automation and monitoring components, it also needed a new working method for its developers and testers.

Stable and Scalable Platform

Xebia worked with Quby to develop a platform based on Docker that could be used by all developers and testers at every stage of the process—from idea through production. It also provided the technology used to run it, developed and implemented associated processes, and trained employees to embrace a new way of working.

Open code allowed everyone to give feedback on each other’s work and submit change requests quickly and easily. Testing new software is now mostly automated, reducing the time required. This means that Quby can now continuously deliver new software, bringing it into production on a daily basis, as needed.

“With our new platform, Quby is ready to serve millions of new Toon users.”
Quby Spokesperson

Continuous Testing

Continuous delivery and continuous integration allow the newly developed software to be tested automatically and transferred to production immediately. Dashboards provide insight into the status of all platform components. If a component shows errors, a self-healing procedure is triggered. If any errors arise that cannot be self-repaired, the relevant person receives an alert on their phone. This work method has minimized users’ downtime noticeably. And, if downtime does occur, it’s now resolved more quickly. Additionally, the teams are now fully Agile and self-managing. With its new platform, Quby is ready to serve millions of new Toon users.

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