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Online Tools Vendor Adopts the Right Tools to Meet Delivery Goals

ERIKS achieves the highly ambitious goal of launching its new website supported by test automation and continuous delivery
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ERIKS, a young Dutch webshop, offers technical parts and tools (MRO). With approximately 550,000 products in its range, excellent online visibility, and a modern e-commerce environment, the online tool vendor enjoys a unique position in this market.

Be a fast mover in a fast-moving market
Improve software delivery process
Agile way of working with Scrum and Kanban

Speed as a Competitive Advantage

Moving fast is crucial for ERIKS to keep its position. As an e-commerce start-up, ERIKS needed to react swiftly to changing customer needs, offer a fast and easy purchasing experience, and, of course, deliver products quickly. The company needed support so it could continue acting at lightning speed while still growing.

Invest in What Matters Most

ERIKS asked Xebia for help launching its website on an extremely tight deadline. To keep the momentum going afterward the launch, Xebia focused on improving the company’s backbone: its software delivery process. Together, ERIKS and Xebia accelerated this process by introducing and improving continuous delivery and integration, test automation, and professionalizing product delivery.

“Using techniques like continuous integration and automated testing helped us release our website in time and accelerate delivery in general. Our development practices have been professionalized, and we're currently releasing new functionality into production at least once every week. We are confident that we'll reach our future growth targets.”
Eriks former Zamro-1

A Future Proof Software Delivery Process

Today, all of ERIKS's regression testing is automated, and therefore a lot faster. Its tests run as an integrated part of the software development process. Xebia implemented various test types, including multi-device and visual regression testing, to ensure good test coverage at the correct levels. Xebia also introduced continuous delivery to make ERIKS more flexible, agile, and capable of changing. Additionally, the continuous integration setup was restructured to improve the maintainability and clarity of the delivery pipelines. Build monitoring was also implemented to obtain transparency in its delivery results. Finally, Xebia introduced a 'keep the kitchen clean' mentality to support ERIKS's new quality mindset.

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