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New Hub App Empowers Real Estate Consultants on the Move

Innovative iOS mobile app boosts customer service for Knight Frank, one of the world’s leading real estate consultancies

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Knight Frank is one of the largest independent real estate consultancies around the globe. Founded in 1896, the company is headquartered in London, UK. It provides innovative property solutions that add tangible value across property sectors and services. Knight Frank believes that it’s all about customer service. For 125 years, the company has aimed to build trust and foster enduring relationships to give its clients the very best advice. Today, Knight Frank has 384 offices across 51 territories and employs more than 16,000 people.

Provide the best customer service at all times
Empower real estate consultants on the move
Create an iOS mobile app

Digital Transformation

Knight Frank prides itself on maintaining consistently high standards of customer service. To continue to meet these standards, the company is always looking for the best tools to support its consultants and maintain a competitive advantage. Knight Frank already had a functionality-rich website application but needed a mobile app so that its consultants could access important information and complete urgent tasks on the move. It also needed a major digital transformation of its complex internal application portfolio.

Hub App

The real estate business is more competitive than most and staying ahead of the competition is imperative to succeed. Knight Frank’s consultants, who are always out and about visiting properties and seeing clients, couldn’t always wait until they were back in the office behind their desks to access vital information. They needed access any time, anywhere. For this reason, Knight Frank approached Xebia to help develop a hub app for its consultants for property transactions and client relationship management.

“Thanks to Xebia, we now have a hugely complex and functional iOS app for our business. It has made technical tasks others struggle with seem simple.”
knight frank
Andrew Radwell Software Program and Product Manager and Partner

Round-the-Clock Access

Xebia created a tailor-made solution for the real estate company by combining UX and UI solutions and native iOS and swift 4 & 5 technologies. Thanks to the new app, consultants can now access all their contacts, contracts and properties, and all other vital information around the clock. They can also book market appraisals and viewings, record offers and so much more. All without wasting time exchanging emails or racing back to the office. The app is also an interactive assistant, allowing the consultants to dictate their notes and place calls using Siri.

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