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Customer Story

COIN Modernizes Software Delivery Infrastructure

Dutch telecom association develops new streamlined services to deliver continuous business value

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An association of Dutch telecommunications service providers, COIN offers a joint platform to facilitate common business processes regarding legislation and regulation. COIN supports interoperability between telecommunications companies, helping consumers and businesses switch service providers while keeping their phone numbers. In 2020, nearly 230,000 consumers and companies switched using COIN’s subscriber service. COIN also delivers infrastructure such as 164 Central Reference Database, emergency and directory services, and fraud prevention. The company has scored an 8.2 in both customer and employee satisfaction.

Keep up with new technologies and innovate
Move from outsourcing to sourcing software development
Create secure, scalable AWS architecture and implement an Agile/DevOps way of working

Keeping Up with Technology

To retain its status as an authority in the telecom market, meet greater customer demand and keep pace with new technologies, COIN decided it was time to update its systems. COIN approached Xebia to modernize its software architecture and improve quality control by migrating its infrastructure into the cloud, enhancing performance and cutting costs.

Insourcing and Taking Control

Xebia launched a program of coaching, training, and integration to streamline and optimize COIN’s way of working and build a solid foundation between the company development and IT operations. This newly-formed in-house software delivery team utilized COIN’s internal knowledge, and provided greater control over its software delivery process, allowing it to continuously deliver at lower costs.

“With Xebia, we’ve quickly made the transition from IT governance to a DevOps organization. This will help us stay relevant and allow our platforms, teams, and customers to thrive.”
Vereniging Coin
Stefphen Mans Managing Director

The Agile/DevOps Way of Working

Xebia created a secure, high-tech cloud infrastructure using AWS and migrated several of COIN’s legacy applications there. Some applications needed to be rewritten, so COIN also fully updated its software platforms, making them more efficient and able to consistently deliver excellent business outcomes. COIN then engaged its entire organization in implementing Agile/DevOps to improve workflow, which fostered greater collaboration, transparency and dialogue within teams.

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