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Mental Health Care Specialist Modernizes IT Landscape with Google Workspace

Yulius achieves cost savings and enhances user experience by transitioning from Microsoft to Google Workspace
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Yulius is a leading mental health organization in the Netherlands, dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support for individuals with mental health challenges. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Yulius offers a wide range of services, including treatment, education, and research to improve the lives of those affected by mental health issues. Through their commitment to excellence and compassion, Yulius continues to make a positive impact on the well-being of its community.

Yulius wanted to save costs and improve user experience
Modernize the IT infrastructure and provide all members of the mental care division with a contemporary workplace
Migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace, using Google's standard implementation method

Implementation by the Book

Yulius is comprised of three main organizational units: Child and youth psychiatry, Adult care, and Education. The educational branch has been successfully using the Google Workspace environment for some time. The other Yulius units expressed a desire for a completely cloud-based workplace, which aligned well with the existing setup. A cloud-based workplace is user-friendly, easy to manage, and cost-effective. Additionally, there was a need to modernize the application landscape and create more uniformity in working methods within the organization, and Google was chosen as the solution.

Yulius, along with workplace experts from Xebia, implemented Google Workspace following the standard procedure. This involved various phases, starting with the implementation of Mail & Calendar, followed by Drive and other applications. The Yulius team actively guided the organization through the migration from Microsoft to Google Workspace, working closely with Xebia.
The Xebia team operated in three capacities: project management, technical consultants, and change management.

"With the assistance of the technology and benefits of Google Workspace, and under the guidance of Xebia, we have been able to modernize the digital workplaces in our organization, bringing our care services one step closer to our clients."
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Huib Moerman Manager ICT, Yulius

Seamless Transition: Change Management as a Catalyst

During this transition, effective change management is essential. The project team at Xebia worked closely with the Yulius teams, guiding them through the upcoming changes and explaining the reasons behind them. Rather than making all changes at once, sprints were used to align work processes with technology. This involved numerous discussions and collaboration, as well as various methods such as early adopter groups, physical presence in departments, and both online and offline communication.

The goal was to be visible and approachable, allowing people to express their concerns and address specific groups' wishes and resistance. For example, a concrete demonstration of change management was the relocation plan for data to Google Drive, including associated permissions. The Yulius departments took responsibility for determining which files would be included in the migration, paying attention to the technical side, the user side, and the protection of sensitive data. By involving the departments closely in the process, the data migration to Google Drive was successful.

Enhanced User Experience

Streamlined Collaboration in a Cloud-First Workplace

The new ways of working at Yulius have changed how individuals perceive their work. Work processes have been optimized, making collaboration easier and more efficient. Using Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, everyone works on the same document, eliminating multiple versions and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Yulius employees can quickly create questionnaires using Google Forms, and the responses are automatically captured in Google Sheets.

Even before the implementation of Google Workspace, Yulius chose to use Chromebooks. The combination of ChromeOS and Google Workspace allows Yulius to provide its employees with a secure, simple, and flexible cloud-based workplace.

Yulius is already planning the next steps toward modernization. It is currently exploring how Google’s no-code solution, AppSheet, can further automate and simplify work processes. Additionally, steps are being taken with Xebia Data to transition towards a data-driven organization. While the Finance department has not yet migrated to Google Workspace, efforts are being made to explore how to bring as many financial processes as possible to Google.

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