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Customer Story

Transparency and Digitization

The client is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with a revenue of $50 billion approximately
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Appcino | Part of Xebia

Their focus of work is to invest in providing solutions for evolving patient needs in the healthcare industry. Their investment committee is responsible for approving budgets for all the research and development needed to provide support for these evolving needs.

To automate and digitize their approval process
The need was for a quick solution which can resolve the immediate concerns of digitization in record time
Integrate Low Code methods to accelerate the development

Business Need

Streamline the investment approval process and remove duplication of efforts and manual work.

  • Allow teams to collaborate more efficiently with an orchestrated view of data that is easily understandable.
  • Automate approvals and remove dependencies on Emails and Offline/paper trails.
  • Generate an audit trail of all investments for proper audit and reporting.
  • Provide a quick glance view of all financial approvals within a duration for different committees.
  • View different projects which have been processed within the year and how much investment has been done on same.
  • Analyze abnormalities and maintain governance throughout the process.

Value Add

  • Eliminated manual work process by completely automating the process of approvals, updates, reminders,
    and notifications.
  • Reduced admin activities, as a lot of time, was being spent managing and planning for meetings.
  • Significantly reduced the overall End to End execution time for the approval process.
  • Full transparency of information to all stakeholders from start to end until the process is residing, including
    historical and Upcoming steps.
  • Full integration of Financial Planning and TLI.
  • A fault-tolerant system with a power recovery mechanism ensuring 99.9% uptime of core operations.
  • Orchestration of integrated data from different input points into a central view.



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