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Customer story

Leading Neobank Sees a Significant Jump in Customer Acquisition After a Cutting-Edge Digital Overhaul

The neobank revamped its website and mobile application to engage customers

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Next.JS, GraphQL, Optimizely, AWS



The client is a US-headquartered leading neobank focused on sustainable and green investing.

Understanding the Challenge

The neobank wanted to create brand awareness and attract new customers through engaging campaigns. Their existing website and mobile application did not support the new-age features, hence affecting the overall customer experience.

Improve customer acquisition for the neobank’s offering
Implement tech that supports engaging and attractive campaigns
By building high-performance dynamic website and mobile application

Xebia’s Strategy and Solution

Modernizing the web front-end and mobile application

As a part of the digital transformation strategy for the brand, Xebia gave a complete digital makeover to their customer-facing web and mobile applications.

Technology Used

Next.JS, GraphQL, Optimizely, AWS

“As soon as the foundation of the new e-commerce platform was laid out, a data team of internal specialists and data scientists began developing personalized algorithms to help us analyze our customers’ behavior. We gained a better understanding and insight into individual customer needs right away, including ideas for products our customer had not thought of before.”
Marketing Technology Manager


Business Benefits

  • The digital transformation enabled the neo-bank to run various new, engaging campaigns that improved customer acquisition.
  • The On-demand Release feature was introduced to cater to new-age customers.

Technological Benefits

  • Leveraged Next.JS to build the front-end that was mobile-compatible, hence saving effort on development.
  • Enabled the neobank to run various experimentation using Optimizely for AB testing.
  • Enabled high performance for better user experience by using GraphQL.
  • The application hosting was performed on AWS that enabled elastic scaling for launch and peak promotional campaigns by changing the application hosting.
  • The build and deployment were automated with strict code coverage, security checks and build quality checks that were integrated within the pipeline.

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